Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Five Months!

(On the 23rd... I'm a little late)

Weight/Length- No official doctor's weigh in this month, but our home scale says that you're about 15.6 lbs! (And, on that note, the scale also says that Mama lost 5 pounds since last month!  Woo!) =)

Eating- You're eating about 12 oz a day at day care, but we've started supplementing that with formula, so you're having about 3 4-oz bottles (2 oz each milk and formula).  I have a feeling that you may be transitioning to formula full-time in the coming months (as you are already eating more during the day that Mom is able to provide while at work).  We'll see how this 50/50 thing goes.

Sleep- Sleep is not going so well.  The past few weeks you've been regularly up every 2-3 hours during the night.  We are NOT too fond of this, especially since you were pretty much a rock star sleeper there for a while!

 Clothes- You're wearing anything from 3 months to 9 months.... I've discovered that baby clothes are just like adult clothes... the actual size is really just dependent on the manufacturer!

Personality- You're still a pretty happy, mellow baby.  You need to be constantly moving/entertained though.  I don't think it's an issue at day care, but when you're home with mom or dad you're fussy a lot... I think because there isn't as much stimulation/things to play with/kids to look at.  We've been trying to get out of the house and do things with you (took you to the zoo last weekend and you LOVED the birds!) to keep you entertained.  For the most part you also really like taking walks in your stroller or in a carrier on mom or dad.  You like touching leaves/flowers/etc and exploring your surroundings. =)

  • You like seeing mom and dad in the morning.  You're always all smiles in your crib when we say good morning.
  • You like walks and being outside.  You like touching and feeling all the different leaves/flowers.
  • You like "chasing" the cat.  Whether that's rolling to try to get him, or following him around the house in mom's arms.
  • You like water.  Whether you're in it or watching it doesn't matter.  You are intrigued by it.
  • You don't like sleeping somewhere that's not your room/bed.  We've traveled around too much this last month and you weren't a fan... totally screwed up your sleep routine.
  • You don't like your sleep sacks anymore.  We think you need/want to be able to move your legs around at night.

  • You are now rolling over as transportation... we are going to be in trouble when you're crawling/walking!
  • You have figured out how to make all kinds of noises... including the raspberry/farting noise.  You do that  LOT... cracks us up. lol
  • This month you had your first beach trip and you rode on a ferry for the first time!
  • You attended your first wedding!  You got to see your Uncle Scott marry your Aunt Jennifer!