Wednesday, November 27, 2013

So What?

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So What Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO What if:

- I'm ready for Friday. Not for the shopping (I try to stay away from the malls as much as possible during the holiday season), but because I enjoy Christmas lights and the whole city lights up on Friday. :)

- I'm ready for the holidays to be over. As much as I love the actual celebrations, there is just too much stress leading up to the main event.

- I'm taking the week of Christmas off work... Just because. We're staying home for the holiday this year, but I've really been feeling like I need a break, so, I'm doing it.

- I'm still taking Emily to daycare one of those days so I can have some " me time" and maybe get some stuff done around the house.

- I'm super excited to see Catching Fire this weekend... I've been waiting for it since I saw the first one back in March 21012!

Monday, November 25, 2013

19 Months!

Weight/Length- Haven't weight/measured you since your 18 month appointment... but several pairs of pants that used to fit are getting too short and we need to buy you some new shoes... so, you are definitely growing!

Eating- Your new favorite word is "snack".  You will lead my by the finger to the cupboard with your snacks in it, point, look at me and say "snack".  Yesterday I accidentally left the lock* off of the cupboard and you came strolling into the office carting this huge canister of gold fish.  I was VERY thankful that you didn't drop them on your way!

Teeth- Still have 16!

Sleep-I'm not sure what you're doing at day care, but as far as home with us on the weekends go, you are down to one nap... however it's not as long as I would like, only about 90 minutes or so.  You are still sleeping great at night though (down at 8, up between 7 and 8), so I'm not complaining too much.  =)

 Clothes-We moved you up to a size 4 diaper this month, and we need to get you some more size 6 shoes.  Your fives aren't really fitting anymore.  You are still wearing 18-24 month clothes, but the 18 month pants are starting to get pretty short.  Problem is, you aren't big enough around yet for the 24 month pants!

Personality- You are amazing.  You are so loving and have such a sense of humor.  Even now you can tell when you're joking with Mom and Dad.  Like offering us a gold fish and then pulling it away, shoving it in your own mouth, and grinning this big-tooth smile with that mischievous look in your eyes!  =)

  • You LOVE buckling things... your high chair, your stroller, your old swing that is still hanging out in the living room.  You will buckle them over and over again, and then grab our fingers and say "help" so that we will come unbuckle for you and you can do it again... and again and again!
  • You love Sesame Street!  I don't think you actually blink when you watch it as you tend to have tears running down your cheeks.  Or maybe you are just so moved by Ruben Stoddard's ABCs... lol
  •  You dislike being ignored.  You want to be the center of attention at all times and through a bit of a tantrum when we need to focus on something else (i.e. cook dinner, eat dinner, go to the bathroom, etc. etc.).  I think the "Terrible Twos" are looming.  =)
  • You pooped on the floor for the first time.  You were practicing on the potty, and next thing I new you got off, pooped on the floor, and then stepped in it.  lol  Your dad did a mad dash to clean you up, and I cleaned the carpet.  We make a good team.  ;)
  • You informed us that you needed to go "pee-pee" and then went when we took your diaper/pants off.  Potty training is starting!  =)
  • You went trick-or-treating for the first time!  You loved it!  And you loved the candy that you got afterward!
  • You went to your first hockey game.  You weren't overly impressed.  We went home early.

*Our "lock" on our cabinet doors are hair-ties wrapped from one handle to the other.  It works pretty well and was cheap/easy to install.  ;)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

So What?

Linking up with Shannon for So What Wednesday!

So What Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO What if:

- It's Thursday... At least I'm doing it! :)

- I haven't done one of these in over a month. But hey, I've been writing other stuff. That's a pretty big win!

- I'm a little sad that I haven't gotten a blog post comment in awhile. I write this for me and my kids for historical purposes, but the comments/knowing someone is still out there is still nice.

- I've been thinking lately about taking my nose ring out... But I'm a little nervous about looking weird without it. It's been a part of me for over 6 years.

- I'm thinking about getting a tattoo... Especially if I choose to ditch the piercing. Getting my nose done was my real only rebellious expression... I feel like without that, I need to do something else to prove to myself that I'm not a total goodie-goodie.

- I'm extra thinking about the tattoo because Jacob doesn't think I'd do it. I feel challenged. ;)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Starting My Life Over

Starting my life over... kind of how I've felt the last week and a half.  You see, two weekends ago some one stole our diaper bag from a community play space near our house.  A stolen diaper bag may not sound like a big deal to most, however not many moms I know carry BOTH a diaper bag AND a purse.  Which means that the punk thief got away with my wallet, cell phone and keys.

I was upset and felt pretty violated.  I called the police, filed a report, canceled my credit cards/cell phone, etc.  But then I started to think about what being without those three items meant:

Keys:  House keys, car keys, work keys, bike lock keys... as they had my ID, too, they had my home address... so they knew which house and car the keys would open.  Thankfully Jacob had the car at the time (he had dropped us off to do some errands), so I wasn't stranded with a car and no keys, nor were they able to swipe the car from the parking lot. 

We changed our locks on the house that evening, and I was able to get my work keys copies/replaced (though I couldn't actually get into the building last Monday, so had to go in late to make sure someone would be there to let me in), but we're still not quite sure what to do with the car.  For a week after the theft we "hid" the car (so you wouldn't be able to see the headlights go off with the "convenient" remote on the key), but now we're trying to determine if we want to a) re-key the car ($500-$600), b) get a new key copy for the same locks ($80), or c) get a new key copy (which would only unlock the driver's door) and a new remote device ($150) so that I can actually unlock the passenger doors/trunk without having to first go around to the driver's side (busy mom... lots of stuff/kid in your arms... think about it).  I have no idea what to do here.  Car insurance doesn't cover the re-keying... but does cover theft of the vehicle... we have considered this... is that wrong?

Last note about getting keys stolen... you also get your key CHAIN stolen.  Which meant that I had to go shopping for a new key chain.  Surprisingly difficult if you don't want a weird souvenir thingy.   Also, my keys are really "small" now... making them more difficult to find in my bag.

Cell Phone:  Both Jacob and I work and commute... and we carpool, so need to be in communication with each other regarding traffic/transit issues/travel plan changes, etc.  Plus, we have just gotten so accustomed to having a phone handy for emergencies (we don't have a landline).  And, while my work doesn't "require" one, it's how we tend to do so much of our communication when someone is out of the office.  So, being without a phone was not an option.  So I ended up having to activate a prepaid Verizon phone (with an old phone that I had lying around) so that I would have some kind of communication while sorting out the insurance/new phone order stuff... and it wasn't a smart phone.  Even though I was pretty opposed to getting a smart phone, I have gotten spoiled by it.

Wallet: The biggies in this category are pretty obvious: ID, credit card, debit card... but, let me tell you, there are things in your wallet that you won't even think about until you suddenly need it and it's not there.  For example, other things that I've realized I needed to replace that were not at the top of my "oh shit" list:
  • Insurance cards... medical for both Emily and myself, dental, and car.  I still need to get the dental one replaced... just thought about that one yesterday.
  • Membership cards (zoo, OMSI, gym).  Some of these charge to replace... this jerk is costing me more and more money...
  • Stamps
  • Library cards (I got in trouble with the librarian for not reporting this right away... it was NOT my top priority, lady!)
  • Bus tickets for my work commute
  • Papa Murphy's discount sticker card (if anyone knows a boy scout selling these things, send him my way!)
  • And I'm sure the list will go on for the next year... at least.
Also, I had to buy a new wallet... I JUST both myself a new wallet 6 weeks ago for my birthday.  I ended up going back to DSW and getting the exact same one.  I had to do SOMETHING to make myself feel better.  Also, bought a new weekend diaper bag and travel wipes.  But lost a set of clothes and a snack pouch.

I am slowly getting things replaced and moving on from all this, but I have definitely started to rethink my method of carrying those important items with me (don't put everything in one place).  I have also noticed that I have become a little more paranoid/cautious in public situation... which I'm actually not ok with.  I've always been a pretty trusting person and, while it may have been a fault in this situation, I also feel like it's been one of my greatest strengths. 

I had a teacher in high school who always used to carry his HUGE wallet in his back pocket.  It stuck out a good half an inch.  I made a comment to him one day about how easy it would be for someone to grab.  He looked at me, smiled, and said, 'Yes, but I'm trusting that you won't".  That comment has stuck with me for 15 years and, I believe, has really shaped me.

I wonder if that wallet was ever stolen...

Monday, November 18, 2013

Bad Momma

I saw a post that someone in one of my Facebook groups posted today and thought it would be an excellent blog post/link up.  I've never hosted a link up before, so this is brand new to me... but I would LOVE to see what others have to say to this.

OK, here's the deal... the prompt is "I'm a bad mom because..." and you fill in the blanks.  =)

 I am very, very familiar with "mom guilt" and really appreciated reading what other moms do that are "against the rules" and recognizing that I'm not "alone" in some of my parenting decisions.  So... I'll go first, then you join in and don't forget to add your link at the bottom!  =)

I'm a bad mom because...
  • I turned Emily's car seat to front facing when she was a year old.  I couldn't wait until she hit the 1 year/20 lbs marker.  She really disliked being rear facing and it was horrible trying to maneuver her into the car seat when it was rear facing.
  • I let her eat off the floor... I feel like the 5 second rule is extended slightly for toddlers since it takes them a while to grip the lost food item.  Sticky or slimy food items fall out of this category.  =)
  • I gave her a brownie before dinner tonight and told her not to tell her dad... lol.  I really wanted one and I knew that she wouldn't let me eat it unless she had one, too.  ;)
  • Sometimes I let her play with trash.  A crinkly paper bag or milk jug is sometimes the most sought after item in the house/car.
  • I discovered that she LOVES Sesame Street... so I turned on an episode this weekend, sat her on the couch and said, "I'll be RIGHT back"... and then left for about 10 minutes so that I could pee/eat/change over the laundry
  • I let her sit on the counter when I'm in the kitchen.  She likes to watch me cook.  She has fallen off... once.  And only once.  Now she knows better. 
  • Sometimes I skip pages when reading a book to her because I am super tired of reading the same book over and over again.  So far she hasn't called me on it.  =)
  • I encourage her to play on "the big bed" and let her bounce around on our king size bed... because it means that I get to lay down for a few minutes and rest.
  • She eats breakfast in the car Monday through Friday.
I'm sure I'll probably add more to this as time goes on.. lol, but now, it's your turn... GO!  =)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

To See, to Say

I don't have very many of my own "firsts" anymore.  The firsts in my life are now taken up but a cute little curly-haired blonde girl.  But, today I had an all-me-for-real new experience... jury duty. 

I've never been called for jury duty before and I was actually kind of excited about it.  With my background in criminology, I get a little geeked out with all things crime/court related.  I got to see a jury selection one time as a class assignment when I was in college, and I think it would be kind of cool to be on a jury.  Let me tell you though, after today, I'm not AS excited about it.  In fact, a little foreshadowing for you, this MAY become a series of posts on this blog. lol

About a month ago I got letter letting me know that I had been selected for a jury pool for a "special panel" for a single case that could last up to (or more than) 4 weeks.  I later learned that this is not the norm... apparently the norm is going in and sitting around for 2 days to see if you get selected for one of several different cases being held that day (?).  Nope, not me.  Not this one.  I was a *little* freaked about the idea of having to be on a jury and away from work for a month, but also, still, a little excited at being able to have the experience.

So, yesterdayI headed over there a little nervous, but mostly curious at the process.  Here's the timeline of my day:

8:25 am - Arrive at the court house.  Was told to give plenty of time to get through security, and I was supposed to check into the jury room by 9:00.

8:35 am - Through security AND have a hot chocolate from the coffee cart inside.

8:40 am - Check into the jury room, get myself comfortable, eat my muffin and drink my hot chocolate.

9:15 am - Watch jurors still filtering in.  Seriously people.  You were supposed to be here BY 9:00!

9:30 am - Juror room attendants try to set up video... can't get their laptop to work.  I look around at the MANY people in the room and estimate about 200-300 people in attendance... for ONE jury.

9:45 am - Finally get the lap top working, start the court/jury orientation video.

10:00 am - Video over, no one says anything, nothing happens.

10:10 am - Trial judge comes in, introduces herself, identifies the case/charges and talks about the time frame of the trial.  Explains that it will start at the beginning of the year, and that a questionnaire will be passed out to all of us to fill out so that the jury selection process can go more quickly.  After we are done, we are to take our questions to the front and get our photo taken.

10:15 am - Get my 10-page questionnaire, start working on it.  Answer a variety of questions that are going to make me look really bad, but, when you work in social services you can't really get away from answering "yes" to questions like, "Do you know anyone with a substance abuse problem?" or "Have you ever known someone in a gang?". lol

10:30 am - Finish my questions, get in line for the photo.

11:00 am - Continue to wait in line.

11:15 am - One of the juror room attendant comes down the line with a list of our names (in completely random order) to tell us which "group" we're in.  We learn that after we get our photos taken we are done for the day and need to come back again at the beginning of January for the ACTUAL jury selection.  We come back in groups of 40... there were at least 5 groups.  We find our names (again, in completely random order on this sheet of paper), and write down our group number.

11:45 am - I FINALLY make my way to the ONE woman taking photos.  As I sit down the trial judge comes back in and they have a conversation about when this woman is going to go to lunch (I was, MAYBE at the 40-50% mark of the people remaining waiting to be photographed).  The photographer said that she would go in 15 minutes.  I told her that I was REALLY glad that I was on this side of that 15 minutes.

12:00 pm - Leave the jury room and think about all of things that I would change/re-organize if I was in charge of the process.  This was a giant waste of my time and energy.  I just hope that my second round in a couple of months is more interesting/worthwhile!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Five Questions

I've recently started following the blog "Five Kids is a Lot of Kids".  She's a mom blogger who also lives in the Portland metro area.  As you can tell by her URL (, she's got a sense of humor on top of some great stories and insight.  The other day she posted these questions for her followers to answer.  I wanted to share my answers and see what you all out there may have to say for yours:  

(P.S.  Yes, I know that the numbers below are all "1" I can't figure out how to get Blogger to fix it... so... I'm dealing).

5 Quick Questions on Parenting

  1. If you could go back in time and whisper one thing to yourself when you were a parent of young ones, what would it be?
My daughter is only 18 months, so still quite little, but, if I was going back to when she was REALLY little, I think I would tell myself, "You're doing a good job."  I constantly felt like I had no idea what I was doing.  It's scary being a first time parent who hasn't been around babies in YEARS, and is suddenly (without any sort of formal training), in charge of a very little, fragile little thing that depends on you for EVERYTHING... including to know when something is wrong and to be able to fix it.  I would definitely tell myself that things are going to be ok, and that I'm an amazing mom.  =)
  1. What’s one change you’ve made in your parenting or your house or yourself that’s allowed you to breathe easier? 
We hired a house cleaner. lol.  I work full-time outside of the home, then I come home, make dinner, spend time with my kid, but 9:00 I want to rest... not clean.  So, once a month, we have someone come in to do a full-house cleaning.  Sure, we still pick up/wipe down/put away throughout the month (especially when we know visitors are coming over!) but to have someone to come and mop the floors and scrub out the bathtubs has been amazing.  
  1. Comparison. Blerg. What’s your strategy for not comparing yourself to other moms or your kids to theirs? 
I don't have one.  Because I do it.  Guilty as charged.  But, I don't *think* that I do it in a negative way... more out of curiosity/information seeking.  If we don't recognize the differences, and question the motives, how can we be sure that we're making the best decisions on our end?
  1. What’s one of the funniest things your children ever did?
I don't know if I can answer this... she's hilarious like, all the time!  Today, for instance, we were playing on the "big bed" (mom and dad's bed, she things it's fun to run around and plop on our king-sized tempurpedic)Her dad and I were laying on our sides, and she kept walk behind us and swan diving (face first) over us in the mattress/pile of pillows.  She thought it was HILARIOUS. 

She also has recently learned what a cow says... and she MOOOs with such force and commitment that she has, literally, bent herself in half to get the most power behind it as possible. lol
  1. But how do you keep your sense of humor during the tough patches of parenting?
I laugh at my kid.  Not to her face.  But I have definitely had to turn my back/put my hand over my mouth a few times when she's throwing a temper tantrum or tossing food everywhere.  She just looks so pathetic sometimes I can't help but find it funny (because I know that she's just throwing a tantrum, and nothing is actually, seriously wrong).  Thankfully, she has yet to REALLY through a tantrum in a public place, so I haven't had to deal with finding the humor in that one yet... 

One Adorable Little Girl Eating a Sucker

So, before I go into a recap of our Halloween and some ADORABLE photos, I have to state my utter disdain for this women.  You may have heard about her, the one who, for Halloween gave out candy to some of the children, and notes to those that she thought were obese urging their parents to make better dietary decisions for their children... just thinking about this again makes me want to cry.  This woman is doing SOO MUCH MORE damage to these poor (probably already self-conscious) children than any "good" that she thinks may come from these letters.  I am all for promoting healthy eating, but do NOT single out children like that!  Hand out fruit snacks instead of tootsie rolls.  Hell, give all the kids a damn granola bar... even that is better on Halloween than placing blame on parents, and judgement and embarrassment on young children.  I'm really curious if that woman got "tricked" this year...

OK, rant over.... on to more happy things.  Particularly, pictures of my adorable little pirate.  =)

We weren't planning on taking Emily trick-or-treating this year.  We didn't really think that she'd "get it".  Plus, we don't really give her candy to eat, and she can't actually SAY "trick or treat".  So, our plan was to take her to the golf course down the street that was having a Halloween event.  I didn't realize that the indoor spooky trail (or whatever they called it) was actually a trick-or-treat loop where local businesses handed out candy to the kids and coupons/advertisements to the parents.  It was a nice little intro to trick or treating (and she actually really did get into it!), and Jacob and I both walked away with some free chiropractic care and half off massages... so.. it was win-win.  (Plus, we get to eat the majority of her candy... so... there's that, too).  =)

And now, the photos... there's lots of them.  She's cute.  Deal.  =)