Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Starting My Life Over

Starting my life over... kind of how I've felt the last week and a half.  You see, two weekends ago some one stole our diaper bag from a community play space near our house.  A stolen diaper bag may not sound like a big deal to most, however not many moms I know carry BOTH a diaper bag AND a purse.  Which means that the punk thief got away with my wallet, cell phone and keys.

I was upset and felt pretty violated.  I called the police, filed a report, canceled my credit cards/cell phone, etc.  But then I started to think about what being without those three items meant:

Keys:  House keys, car keys, work keys, bike lock keys... as they had my ID, too, they had my home address... so they knew which house and car the keys would open.  Thankfully Jacob had the car at the time (he had dropped us off to do some errands), so I wasn't stranded with a car and no keys, nor were they able to swipe the car from the parking lot. 

We changed our locks on the house that evening, and I was able to get my work keys copies/replaced (though I couldn't actually get into the building last Monday, so had to go in late to make sure someone would be there to let me in), but we're still not quite sure what to do with the car.  For a week after the theft we "hid" the car (so you wouldn't be able to see the headlights go off with the "convenient" remote on the key), but now we're trying to determine if we want to a) re-key the car ($500-$600), b) get a new key copy for the same locks ($80), or c) get a new key copy (which would only unlock the driver's door) and a new remote device ($150) so that I can actually unlock the passenger doors/trunk without having to first go around to the driver's side (busy mom... lots of stuff/kid in your arms... think about it).  I have no idea what to do here.  Car insurance doesn't cover the re-keying... but does cover theft of the vehicle... we have considered this... is that wrong?

Last note about getting keys stolen... you also get your key CHAIN stolen.  Which meant that I had to go shopping for a new key chain.  Surprisingly difficult if you don't want a weird souvenir thingy.   Also, my keys are really "small" now... making them more difficult to find in my bag.

Cell Phone:  Both Jacob and I work and commute... and we carpool, so need to be in communication with each other regarding traffic/transit issues/travel plan changes, etc.  Plus, we have just gotten so accustomed to having a phone handy for emergencies (we don't have a landline).  And, while my work doesn't "require" one, it's how we tend to do so much of our communication when someone is out of the office.  So, being without a phone was not an option.  So I ended up having to activate a prepaid Verizon phone (with an old phone that I had lying around) so that I would have some kind of communication while sorting out the insurance/new phone order stuff... and it wasn't a smart phone.  Even though I was pretty opposed to getting a smart phone, I have gotten spoiled by it.

Wallet: The biggies in this category are pretty obvious: ID, credit card, debit card... but, let me tell you, there are things in your wallet that you won't even think about until you suddenly need it and it's not there.  For example, other things that I've realized I needed to replace that were not at the top of my "oh shit" list:
  • Insurance cards... medical for both Emily and myself, dental, and car.  I still need to get the dental one replaced... just thought about that one yesterday.
  • Membership cards (zoo, OMSI, gym).  Some of these charge to replace... this jerk is costing me more and more money...
  • Stamps
  • Library cards (I got in trouble with the librarian for not reporting this right away... it was NOT my top priority, lady!)
  • Bus tickets for my work commute
  • Papa Murphy's discount sticker card (if anyone knows a boy scout selling these things, send him my way!)
  • And I'm sure the list will go on for the next year... at least.
Also, I had to buy a new wallet... I JUST both myself a new wallet 6 weeks ago for my birthday.  I ended up going back to DSW and getting the exact same one.  I had to do SOMETHING to make myself feel better.  Also, bought a new weekend diaper bag and travel wipes.  But lost a set of clothes and a snack pouch.

I am slowly getting things replaced and moving on from all this, but I have definitely started to rethink my method of carrying those important items with me (don't put everything in one place).  I have also noticed that I have become a little more paranoid/cautious in public situation... which I'm actually not ok with.  I've always been a pretty trusting person and, while it may have been a fault in this situation, I also feel like it's been one of my greatest strengths. 

I had a teacher in high school who always used to carry his HUGE wallet in his back pocket.  It stuck out a good half an inch.  I made a comment to him one day about how easy it would be for someone to grab.  He looked at me, smiled, and said, 'Yes, but I'm trusting that you won't".  That comment has stuck with me for 15 years and, I believe, has really shaped me.

I wonder if that wallet was ever stolen...

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