Saturday, February 23, 2013

10 Months!

Weight/Length- Not completely certain how much you weigh right now.  We measured you on our home scale twice... the first time was 19.8 lbs and the second was 20.8... so... you're right around 20 pounds now! =)

Eating- You're eating 2-3 solid food meals each day now.  We try to feed you what we're having, but sometimes I can get dinner ready before it's time for you to go to bed at night, so we make due with whatever we have available.  You are a huge fan of fruit and bread... not so much with the vegetables. 

Teeth- SIX teeth!  Four on top, 2 on the bottom! =)  It's pretty dangerous to stick a finger in your mouth these days!

Sleep- You go to bed at about 7:00 each night.... and then sleep for 9-10 hours, have a bottle, and then sleep for another 3-4 hours, waking up at about 7:30 am.  Not too shabby.  =)  Every now and then you'll sleep straight through... it always seems to be on your dad's nights though. =P

 Clothes-You're wearing mostly 9 month stuff with some 12 month sizes thrown in.  Unless it's Gerber... and then you wear about 18 months.... not sure why Gerber brand is soo much different than the other stuff.  As far as shoes, you're wearing about a 3 or 4.

Personality- Pretty much same as last month.  So curious and wanting to explore everything... but also a little nervous about the unknown.  I took you outside today to walk in the grass for the first time and you refused to move. lol  You weren't too sure about the green stuff at your feet. =)

  • You like eating... you're definitely a fan of table foods.  Especially sweet items like fruit and breads.
  • You like walking for transportation now.  You've only been moving on two feet for a couple of weeks now, but you've pretty much given up crawling now.
  • You love your teddy bear.... you were giving him all kinds of smooches today.
  • You like having "me time" every now and then.  Some nights after we've put you down to bed, you'll sit in your crib for half and hour talking to yourself before you got to sleep.  You do this sometimes at nap time, too.  I think you just like the chance to relax and be alone with your thoughts... much like your mom and dad. =)
  • You like playing the piano!  You make all kinds of "music" ;)
  •  You're not a fan of chicken... not really sure why... you just don't care for it.  You'll eat other meats though.
  • Your dad and I can't think of any other "dislikes" this month.... you're just a happy kid. =)

  •  You're WALKING!
  •  You said what I consider your first word... "Bye-bye" (while waving to one of your toys as it rolled away. lol)
  •  We went to the Children's Museum for the first time
  •  You tried Lebanese food for the first time (it was Dad's first time, too!)
  • Celebrated your first Valentine's Day by wearing a very red/pink/white little outfit. =)
  • You met your California friend, Elsa and played at Steamers and Screamers with her.

Walking and now.... Talking??

Emily said her first word last night!

Sure, she's been "saying" mamamama and dadadada for awhile now, and repeating "buh-bye" at us when we coach her to do it, but I haven't felt like she's ever used any of these "words" intentionally, and in context.  Last night was different.

Emily loves playing with an empty Costco formula can.  She'll chew on it, throw it on the ground, chase after it as it rolls, bang on it like a drum (you have to love how much enjoyment little ones can find out of around-the-house items!).  Last night she was standing up in the entry way and I rolled the can in her direction... it rolled right past her and kept on going (our floors are a bit slanted).  As it was rolling away from her, Emily waved at it, and, very clearly said "buh-bye"!!

I wonder if "Mama" is next?  ;)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

There'll be Days Like This...

For the last couple of weeks, on and off, I've been wishing that my blog was anonymous.  That people I know weren't reading it... so that I could feel free to be completely open and honest and express myself without having to think about what others may think/how they will respond, etc., etc.  But today, I just need a space to vent... so I'm saying screw it.  I just ask that if you do read it, please don't comment with things like "it will get better" or try to offer solutions... I'm not writing this to get my problems fixed or to gain sympathy, I just need to let it out and be heard.

For the past several weeks (maybe even months) I have not been happy.  I have not been myself.  This is not to say that I have been "sad" necessarily... just not feeling fulfilled or "right" with my current life situation (with maybe a few bits of "sadness" mixed in there, too).

My whole world changed when Emily was born... or, rather, I entered an entirely new world.  A world of being a mother... no... not even that... the world of being a working mother.  On average, during the work week I see my daughter for just over one hour every day.  I spend 50 hours a week either working or commuting and 5-6 hours during that same time period with my daughter.  I spend TEN TIMES more time with my clients and coworkers than I spend with my daughter Monday through Friday.  This KILLS me.  And, at the same time, it's completely destroyed my desire to have a social life. 

I don't WANT to meet anyone after work for a happy hour drink because it means that I lose that hour with Emily.  On the weekends, when I get TWO full days (really only about 16 hours total) with my little girl I don't want to do anything else with anyone else.  Here is where another problem stems... I'm a very social person.  I love to spend time with friends, go to movies, happy hour, coffee, whatever... but as a mother, and as a 40+ hour/week working mother, I seem to have lost all of the friends that I once had, and have not had the time/ability to make new ones...leaving me feeling quite lonely.

My parents came up to visit last weekend.  After they left I admitted to Jacob that sometimes I wish that we'd never bought a house because I feel like we are trapped here... and how some times I think about moving back down to Eugene... where my support system is.  My parents, my brothers, my "sisters"... my family and old friends.  My old friends who now have kids of their own, some of whom work as well... people who know me and can relate with what I'm feeling/experiencing.  I don't have that support here in Portland.  Though I love the city, and don't really want to leave, I can't help but think about how life would be different 100 miles south.

I really hope that I can blame a chunk of this unhappiness on the weather and other seasonal factors (maybe things will look up in a few weeks with daylight savings), but I feel like I need to make a bigger life change in order to have the life that I want to have.  And that thought is very, very scary to me right now.

Walking, Walking Everywhere!

On February 8th I went into work a bit late and spent an extra hour in the morning hanging out with Emily.  I'm glad that I did because I witness her first (I think) step!  One week later she had already started "toddling" everywhere... I can't believe how much can change in just 7 days!  Now, two weeks later, she is regularly walking for place to place.  She's still not 100% sturdy, nor has she figured out how to turn around (she tried it once, stepped on her other foot and fell over), but she is definitely getting better and better, stronger and stronger each day! I highly expect that by the end of the month she'll be RUNNING after the cat!  (I swear that's why she became mobile so quickly... she wanted to grab that tail!)

We've had Emily in our lives for less than a year... less than 10 months in fact... and I can't believe how much of a little PERSON she's become in that time.  Tonight I was feeding her dinner, watching her drink out of her sippy cup, and couldn't help but get a little sad (and excited at the same time!) that she was growing up so fast.

As the (next) rainy season is about to hit Portland, I am now stalking the Internet for cute, affordable, baby rain boots.  I'm looking forward to a little puddle jumping with my daughter this year.  ;)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy President's Day!

I don't usually post "Merry Christmas!", "Happy Halloween!" type posts on either my blog or Facebook because EVERYONE does, and I don't want to be one more exclamation clogging up someone's wall or reader list.  =)  But, so far I haven't seen any "Happy President's Day" posts today, and, since I had a pretty good one, I thought I'd share!  =)

For the last week or so my goal for today was to make a beach run.  The beach is my "happy place" and, as I haven't been feeling too "happy" lately, I felt like I really needed to get away.  My plan was to leave when Emily went down for her nap, which would have me arriving right around the time that she would be waking up, then explore and play in the sand for a few hours, heading home when she would be going down for her afternoon nap.  Brilliant, right?  Unfortunately, the weather gods were not in my favor.  As last week progressed, the weather forecast for Seaside got more and more grim.  In the end, I decided not to risk getting there in a down pour and not wanting to actually be outside.  So, instead, I decided to take Emily somewhere local to explore.

While she was down for her morning nap, I tried to decide between the Zoo, Children's Museum, or the new aquarium.  We have a zoo membership (=free admission), but the Children's Museum and aquarium are both indoors (assuming it was going to rain, in true Oregon fashion whenever I have something fantastic planned).  In the end, I decided to check out the Children's Museum.  When Emily woke up, I packed her up and headed across town.  It took us about 15 minutes to get to the museum... after driving around for 20 trying to find parking, I decided to drive back downtown, park, and take the MAX (light rail) in.  Emily has never been on the train before, so it would be one more first for her.  =)

The museum was pretty crowded today, with it being a public school holiday and all, but the baby room was less populated and Emily got to crawl/walk around and explore the different "obstacles".  =)  (P.S... she's WALKING now!  More about this later!).  We hung out in the play room for about an hour, then used the restroom before heading back to our car... I only mention this because the restroom in this place was a first for me... the first time that I've ever had to stand in line for a changing table! lol

We took the MAX back into downtown, and then went to a little cafe by Jeld-Wen field for lunch.  It was kind of a cool feeling to be sitting in this little place with my daughter on my lap, her eating an applesauce and crackers and me with a Panini.  =)  I look forward to many more Portland adventures with my daughter!

Waiting for the train!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Beautiful Day for a Groundhog Sighting!

I can NOT wait for spring and some nicer weather!  During the summer time I find myself looking forward to the cooler temperatures of the fall, but I am never begging for the rain that we get in Oregon all winter long.  Yesterday the weather was amazing (and it looks like next weekend may be as well!) and gave me a small glimpse of what the spring and summer may look like for me and my new little family this year!  Excited!

Getting ready for some fun at the park!
Oh the anticipation!

Here we go!

More happy baby!

So stinkin' cute!

Exploring "grass" for the first time. ;)

And meeting some new friends along the way!

And the fun begins!  ;)