Saturday, February 23, 2013

Walking and now.... Talking??

Emily said her first word last night!

Sure, she's been "saying" mamamama and dadadada for awhile now, and repeating "buh-bye" at us when we coach her to do it, but I haven't felt like she's ever used any of these "words" intentionally, and in context.  Last night was different.

Emily loves playing with an empty Costco formula can.  She'll chew on it, throw it on the ground, chase after it as it rolls, bang on it like a drum (you have to love how much enjoyment little ones can find out of around-the-house items!).  Last night she was standing up in the entry way and I rolled the can in her direction... it rolled right past her and kept on going (our floors are a bit slanted).  As it was rolling away from her, Emily waved at it, and, very clearly said "buh-bye"!!

I wonder if "Mama" is next?  ;)

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Lauren said...

J's first word was "Roxie". The name of my parent's dog. Nice, kid.