Thursday, February 27, 2014

22 Months!

Finally getting a moment to sit down and get this thing written!

Weight/Length-No idea... tall and skinny.  Does that work?  =)

Eating- You eat a lot and often.  Mostly during the day.  I think you are pretty stuffed by the time you get home and you don't usually eat much of a dinner.  You have the reputation of being the kid at daycare who is always eating though... and who doesn't like to share her food (I think you get that one from your mom).  =)  You love all things carb-y.... crackers, bread, toast, pizza, tortillas, etc, etc.  Also, you could LIVE on applesauce.  I honestly don't know how your digestive system is not completely out of whack with the amount of applesauce that you consume.

Teeth- Same as last month.  No sign of those 2-year molars yet.

Sleep- Sleeping is pretty much the same.  Though, it's getting more and more difficult to get you to settle down long enough to get your pajamas on at night... but you never really put up a fight for the actual bed/sleeping part.

 Clothes-Mostly wearing 24 month/2T sizes... but the problem is that you are two skinny for the pants, so all of your pants either sag, or continue to be too short (18 month sizes).

Personality- You are o smart.  You are trying to talk a lot now, and sometimes we don't understand what you are saying, but you are awesome at "showing" us what it is that you want and/or getting it yourself.  You are also a little daredevil.  Your favorite thing to do now is jump off of things.  You are going to be the kid that injures yourself jumping off the top bunk one day.  Hopefully the amount of time we spend reading to you about the five little monkeys that jump on the bed will help deter you from that specific stunt!

  • Curious George.  I feel like I could begin and end this category with Curious George! lol
  • You also like sitting at the dinner table in a "regular" chair.  You rarely, rarely sit in your booster anymore.  You much prefer to be up on your knees in a big chair.
  • You love tending to your stuffed animals.  Whether that is sitting them at the table with you to color, making sure they have a bowl of cereal for breakfast, too, or helping them learn how to use the potty... you are a great little caregiver.  =)
  • You like to bring us items to help us get ready to leave the house in the morning.  If you are ready to go, you feel like we should be, too.  So you'll bring our shoes, coats, and bags and then go and try to open the front door... all the time shouting 'Go! Go!' =)
  •  You dislike t when we can't understand what you are saying.  You can get pretty frustrated with us.  I don't blame you, it's got to be pretty frustrating to know what you want to get across and not have the ability yet to do it.  I feel really  bad sometimes and so try hard to encourage you to "show" us (though, I will admit, I think your Daddy is better at figuring out what you are saying that I am... not sure how he got that gift, but I'm glad that he has it!)
  • Sourdough toast... tried to switch it in for the honey wheat stuff you usually get because we had a loaf that we needed to eat... you took one bite and threw it at us. lol  You definitely have your dad's "adventurous" pallet.  ;)
  • You started "gymnastics" classes!  I'm so impressed at how good you are at sitting still and following the teacher's directions!  So much better than some of the other little kids in your class!
  • You learned the chicken dance. You're all set for community dancing at festival this year.  ;)
  • You spent the night on a houseboat! (Nana and Papa's new house)  I don't even know that I've done that yet!
  • You are putting more and more words/mini sentences together.  Such as:
    • "Mom cook dinner"
    • "More Pizza"
    • "More Applesauce"
    • "More crackers"  (See?  You love to eat!)
    • "Up please"
    • "Love you"
    • "Nigh' Nigh'"
    • "Get this"
    • "Bye Silas" (her daycare friend)
    • "Got it"