Saturday, February 23, 2013

10 Months!

Weight/Length- Not completely certain how much you weigh right now.  We measured you on our home scale twice... the first time was 19.8 lbs and the second was 20.8... so... you're right around 20 pounds now! =)

Eating- You're eating 2-3 solid food meals each day now.  We try to feed you what we're having, but sometimes I can get dinner ready before it's time for you to go to bed at night, so we make due with whatever we have available.  You are a huge fan of fruit and bread... not so much with the vegetables. 

Teeth- SIX teeth!  Four on top, 2 on the bottom! =)  It's pretty dangerous to stick a finger in your mouth these days!

Sleep- You go to bed at about 7:00 each night.... and then sleep for 9-10 hours, have a bottle, and then sleep for another 3-4 hours, waking up at about 7:30 am.  Not too shabby.  =)  Every now and then you'll sleep straight through... it always seems to be on your dad's nights though. =P

 Clothes-You're wearing mostly 9 month stuff with some 12 month sizes thrown in.  Unless it's Gerber... and then you wear about 18 months.... not sure why Gerber brand is soo much different than the other stuff.  As far as shoes, you're wearing about a 3 or 4.

Personality- Pretty much same as last month.  So curious and wanting to explore everything... but also a little nervous about the unknown.  I took you outside today to walk in the grass for the first time and you refused to move. lol  You weren't too sure about the green stuff at your feet. =)

  • You like eating... you're definitely a fan of table foods.  Especially sweet items like fruit and breads.
  • You like walking for transportation now.  You've only been moving on two feet for a couple of weeks now, but you've pretty much given up crawling now.
  • You love your teddy bear.... you were giving him all kinds of smooches today.
  • You like having "me time" every now and then.  Some nights after we've put you down to bed, you'll sit in your crib for half and hour talking to yourself before you got to sleep.  You do this sometimes at nap time, too.  I think you just like the chance to relax and be alone with your thoughts... much like your mom and dad. =)
  • You like playing the piano!  You make all kinds of "music" ;)
  •  You're not a fan of chicken... not really sure why... you just don't care for it.  You'll eat other meats though.
  • Your dad and I can't think of any other "dislikes" this month.... you're just a happy kid. =)

  •  You're WALKING!
  •  You said what I consider your first word... "Bye-bye" (while waving to one of your toys as it rolled away. lol)
  •  We went to the Children's Museum for the first time
  •  You tried Lebanese food for the first time (it was Dad's first time, too!)
  • Celebrated your first Valentine's Day by wearing a very red/pink/white little outfit. =)
  • You met your California friend, Elsa and played at Steamers and Screamers with her.

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Meghan C said...

I can't believe she's walking!! What a big girl :-)