Friday, November 1, 2013

One Adorable Little Girl Eating a Sucker

So, before I go into a recap of our Halloween and some ADORABLE photos, I have to state my utter disdain for this women.  You may have heard about her, the one who, for Halloween gave out candy to some of the children, and notes to those that she thought were obese urging their parents to make better dietary decisions for their children... just thinking about this again makes me want to cry.  This woman is doing SOO MUCH MORE damage to these poor (probably already self-conscious) children than any "good" that she thinks may come from these letters.  I am all for promoting healthy eating, but do NOT single out children like that!  Hand out fruit snacks instead of tootsie rolls.  Hell, give all the kids a damn granola bar... even that is better on Halloween than placing blame on parents, and judgement and embarrassment on young children.  I'm really curious if that woman got "tricked" this year...

OK, rant over.... on to more happy things.  Particularly, pictures of my adorable little pirate.  =)

We weren't planning on taking Emily trick-or-treating this year.  We didn't really think that she'd "get it".  Plus, we don't really give her candy to eat, and she can't actually SAY "trick or treat".  So, our plan was to take her to the golf course down the street that was having a Halloween event.  I didn't realize that the indoor spooky trail (or whatever they called it) was actually a trick-or-treat loop where local businesses handed out candy to the kids and coupons/advertisements to the parents.  It was a nice little intro to trick or treating (and she actually really did get into it!), and Jacob and I both walked away with some free chiropractic care and half off massages... so.. it was win-win.  (Plus, we get to eat the majority of her candy... so... there's that, too).  =)

And now, the photos... there's lots of them.  She's cute.  Deal.  =)


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