Saturday, October 26, 2013

18 Months!

Emily's 18-month mark was 3 days ago, but I held off on this post until we finished up her 18 month appointment with her doctor.  I wanted to have all of the stats for the post.  =)  I can't believe that we're going to be celebrating 2 years soon!  I'm already planning the party.  ;)

Weight/Length- 24 lbs, 8 oz and 33.25" tall... which means that you grew THREE inches in the last 6 months and you are now in the 90th percentile for height (75th for weight, and between 50-75th for head... meaning that, at the very least, you can fit in normal sized hats. lol.  Your doctor pointed that one out!).  I love that you're growing so well and are so healthy, but I'm still crossing my fingers that you even out at about 5'7"... I don't want you to have the same kind of problem finding clothes that fit, dates who are intimidated by your height (or who you feel uncomfortable dating because of theirs), or are pushed in playing basketball.  =)

*Side note: the doctor also found a heart murmur.  I asked if it was hereditary, as I have one, too (it's been checked out and it's innocent).  She said that it may be.  So, we'll keep our eyes on that.  We also discovered that you have a little eczema... but we've been able to keep it under control without any sort of medications.  Your Eucerin lotion seems to work great, but we bought some Vaseline, too.

Eating- You're getting a little more picky with foods.  Case in point.  Today for dinner you only wanted to eat apple sauce and frozen corn.  Read that correctly: frozen corn.  Not corn that WAS frozen.  No, the heated stuff apparently was horrible.  But, cold and frozen?  Yes please!

Teeth-16!  You now have ALL of your first set of teeth.  Now we're just looking forward  to the 2nd year molars (sarcasm).  =)

Sleep-Still sleeping about 11-12 hours per night.  I think that you're starting to transition to one nap a day.  Your two naps are getting shorter, and you're usually ok skipping one of them.  We've been pushing your morning nap back later and later to see what happens.

 Clothes-You're still wearing 18-24 month sizes and size 5-6 shoes.  Still in size 3 diapers, but I have a feeling that we may have to go up a size the next time that we buy diapers.

Personality- You're a very independent, curious, observant young lady.  At the doctor yesterday you were so curious at everything that they were doing.  The doc commented on how calm you were (as other 18 month-appointments are full of tears and panic due to remembering shots, etc.).  But you just wanted to check every out.  You even let the docs medical student check you out!  =)

  • You LOVE books!  "Book" has become your new favorite word.  We read to you constantly.  
  • You also LOVE to point out different things in the books that we read.  You're getting really good and being able to identify a lot of different objects and animals.  We need to start working on colors next!
  • You like to play dress up.  You'll grab any available shirt, pair of pants, even clean underwear out of the laundry and put it over your head.  =)  You will also put on mom and dad's shoes and try to walk around.  You're also quite intrigued with Mom's bras. I actually had to pull you out of a bra rack today at Target when you refused to come out of it and wanted to touch them all! lol
  •  You don't like when Mom/Dad don't want to do something that you want them to do.  Now that you've gotten good and communicating to us what you want by pushing/pulling us around, you get really annoyed when the answer is "no".  Most of the time it's when I'm cooking and I can't pick you up because I'm busy.
  • You went to Bend for the first time!  Long car ride, but you had fun when we got there.  =)  You played with your new friend, Jaxon (dad's friend, AJ's little boy) and had a blast.
  • That's all we can think of!  Stay tuned for next month.  =) 
  • **One last note: at your doctor's visit we had to fill out this check list of developmental milestones to see how you were doing.  I fear that you may be a little behind in your verbal development, but the doctor said that you are WAY ahead in your motor skills!  One of the questions asked if you could copy of the motion of kicking a ball... I wanted to tell her that you've been dribbling a ball across the backyard since you were a year old!  =)
 Words you can say:  I'm taking this category out... the list is getting too long.  At this point you are pretty much able to repeat back sounds that we make, so you can pretty much say any monosyllabic word that we ask you to repeat... you don't always know what you're saying, but you can make the sounds.  =)  Consonant sounds are challenging, but the vowels come out no problem.  =)

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