Wednesday, October 23, 2013

So What?

Linking up with Shannon for So What Wednesday!

So What Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO What if:

- I've written more "So What?"s recently than anything else... maybe I should just call my blog "So What?"  =)

- I got a little emotional talking about getting rid of my old couches last night.  We just bought a new (to us) sectional and I had someone via Craigslist and come and take my old couches tonight.  Those couches were a college graduation/first grownup job partial gift from my parents.  They were a pretty good buy and have treated me well these last 8.5 years.  They even went to Canada with me.  We have moved those things SIX times... and you could start to tell.  Plus, the cat got to it after the last move and totally destroyed one of the arms.  We've been talking about getting a sectional, and this was kind of an impulse buy (someone nearby was selling their old one).  The price was right and we decided to get it as an "interim" sectional, until we can save up some money to get the style that we (read: Jacob) really wants.  =)

- Emily's dinner consisted of gluten-free/vegan brownies.  I didn't intend for it to be that way, but she wanted a snack while we cooked dinner (which, tonight, was hurried grilled-cheese).  She liked them so much she ended up eating a pretty decent sized piece.  In all actuality though, that "brownie" with it's bananas, black beans, and oatmeal was a lot better for her than the grilled cheese. lol

- Today my daughter is 18 months old.  In 6 months she'll be two... and I already know where we're having the birthday party. lol  It's not weird that I started planning before she was halfway through the year, right?

- I'm getting a little sick of my daughter's love for books.  "Book" has become her new favorite word, and her new favorite past-time.  I LOVE that she loves books.  But I'm really tired of reading the same three or four books over and over again... and over again.  Sometimes I just want to sit there, cuddle, and watch some TV! lol

- I bought Emily's Halloween costume (no pinterest crafty-shit for me), and I got a "boys" costume.  All of the girls costumes were princess-y, flower-y, girl-y.  We do we need to ultra-feminize our little girls?  My daughter can be a fireman or a sailor or a baseball player, too!  She doesn't need to be a damsel in distress.  And she's gonna be damn cute.  =)  Halloween this year starts on Saturday for us with our first kiddie party.  =)  Pictures sure to come!

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