Sunday, August 14, 2011

JCHS 2001... or, The Stroller Brigade!

This weekend was my TEN YEAR high school reunion.  I really don't feel old enough to have one of these already!  The unfortunate thing is that the reunion date happened to fall on the same weekend as our one-year wedding anniversary.  =(  This means that Jacob and I will be celebrating our anniversary next weekend (and I'm REALLY looking forward to it!  We have a bunch of fun stuff planned!).

Jacob and I drove down to my home town of Junction City Friday evening.  Saturday morning I headed to a local park to meet some of my high school girlfriends to spend some quality time together outside of the structured reunion activities.

Holly, Meghan and Lauren were all able to make it... with children and husbands in tow!  Our friend Matt, and his wife showed up with their two little ones, too. I am currently the ONLY one from my "group" in high school (who were in the same class) who does not have a child yet.  I was surrounded by babies!  And they were all frickin' adorable! =)

The "Stroller Brigade"
Little Miss Elsa Marie!
Lauren with her little one, Ben
Lauren's oldest, Josh
It was great to see them all again, reminisce about high school, fill each other in our lives (not much left after blogs and Facebook though! lol), and spend some time with the next generation. 

Here's a photo of Meghan, Lauren, myself and Holly (from left, skip over the first girl in the photo) during our sophomore year of high school:

And here we are today (plus Matt and babies!):

I attended the actual reunion later that evening and, while it was nice to see a couple of other people that I haven't seen in quite some time, I mostly just visited more with these lovely ladies... and was very grateful for the opportunity!

P.S.  As I mentioned before, each of these great women have blogs chronicling their lives and families.  You can find Meghan at Mama Meghan's Musings, Holly and Holly's Berries, and Lauren at The Chronicles of Yorgesen (this one is worth a look just for the header! lol  Makes me laugh every time!)

**Jacob and I also attended the yearly Scandinavian Festival while in town... more on this later!


Lauren said...

It was so nice to see you as well. We all need to get together more often! Maybe we can meet at Holly's since its kind of a halfway point between you and I. Especially if Meghan is going to be in Oregon.

Heather said...

How awesome that you got to attend your reunion! Mine was a few weeks ago in California, and I unfortunately had to miss it. I also can't believe it's been 10 years since I graduated!

Holly said...

Yes, let's get together again! And yes, our house is open!