Saturday, November 24, 2012

Seven Months! (Yesterday.... oops!)

Weight/Length- According to our home scale you are weighing in at 17 lbs., 13 oz!  (It took me about 4 times trying to weigh you... you just wouldn't hold still!)

Eating- No more boob for you!  You made the transition to formula only a couple of weeks ago... and I really think that we're both happier about it.  You are starting to eat a lot more now, too.  Mostly 4 oz bottles through out the day and a 6-8 oz right before bed, but now you've started to have another 8 oz bottle in the middle of the day, too!  And today you drank 12 oz within 1 hour of bedtime! 

Sleep- Dad and I decided to do the dreaded "sleep training" a couple of weeks ago.  Funny thing is, it wasn't that bad at all.  You never really got "mad" at us when you cried in the middle of the night (which made it easier on Mom!), and you "got it" after waking up only twice on the first night.  You're sleeping now from 7 pm to sometime between 5-6:30 am now.  We are quite happy about this! =)

 Clothes-You're wearing 6-9 month stuff right now.  You're "outfits" have gotten much cuter now that you have so many different sets of clothes to choose from! lol

Personality- You are a smart, happy, independent baby... and very active!  You want to be exploring new things constantly, and get really excited when there's something new to check out! =)

  • You like swim lessons.  You're take it VERY seriously! lol  But you're also have funny in the water.  You are definitely a water baby!
  • You like bananas... a lot!  Avacados, potatoes, and strawberries have also been hits!
  • You like feeding yourself your bottle... you can do it one-handed, too!
  • You like riding on Mom's back in your Ergo!
  • You don't like sitting still... even when you're having a bottle you are a mobile, squirmy active baby.  It's gotten a little difficult to change your diaper/get you dressed when you all want to do is roll around!
  • Now that you're getting into everything, you don't like it when Mom/Dad move you away from something that you shouldn't be into.
  • You don't like that the kitty won't sit still and let you pull his fur.

    You can crawl!  ALL over the place!
    Not only can you crawl, but you are already pulling yourself up on your feet!  AND you've started to take little steps when Mom or Dad are holding your hands!
    You have TWO teeth!  Both on TOP (which apparently is not "normal"... usually the bottom teeth come in first apparently).
    You celebrated your first Halloween AND Thanksgiving!
    You also went to ZooLights for the first time.  I think Mom had more fun than you did, though. ;)
    You have started saying "dadadadada".  Dad swears that this is your first word... I told him that it doesn't count until you use it appropriately! lol


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