Tuesday, January 28, 2014

21 Months!

(Almost a week late... I need to get better at this. lol)

Weight/Length- Yup... still going to hold off on this as I can never remember to weigh/measure you.  You're tall enough to pull things off the kitchen counter... so, yeah, we're in trouble.  =)

Eating- You love food.  You eat frequently.  Camden's mom at day care says that you are eating every time she's there! lol  You used to really like these breakfast bar things, but then you got a stomach bug and they came back up... and after that you weren't interested any more. lol

Teeth- Same as last month.  No sign of those 2-year molars yet.

Sleep- Sleeping like a champ.  Bed at 8, wake up between 7-8 and down for one nap of anywhere from 1-3 hours (most likely 60-90 minutes).

 Clothes-Same as last month.  Slowly starting to take out the 18 month size from your wardrobe as I realize that the pants are now capris and the shirts show off your belly.  =)

Personality- You are a giant sweet heart.  You say "thank you" frequently (even when it's not really an appropriate time for it. lol) and you like to say "goodbye" to everyone/everything and given kisses.  Every now and then you'll come up to me and say "hug" and then go about playing after you get a little lovin'.  =)  You are definitely a momma's girl right now.  After Christmas your daddy and I switched up the bedtime routine so that now he reads you stories and I put your pajamas on.  We did this so that you could get some cuddly time with dad... as you only seem to want mom right now.  We wanted to make sure that you could also see Dad as someone to provide comfort.

You are also getting a lot better at leaving day care.  You used to not be much of a happy camper when it was time to go, but now you get your own shoes and socks on and are saying goodbye to everyone before I can even manage to get your coat on... the you open the door and start walking out to the car as I'm trying to grab your diaper bag and rush out with you!  =)

  • In addition to Elmo, you are now a big Curious George fan.  You'll say "George" and lead us tot he TV after dinner. lol
  • You like doing your puzzles and playing with your legos.
  • You like working with playdoh and flubber.
  • You like getting piggy back rides... especially if mom or dad is moving really quickly.  =)
  • You like looking at photos around the house and pointing out different people:
  •  You dislike sharing your toys.  You have learned the word "mine".  I'm not a big fan of that one.
  • You dislike not having mom's attention all to yourself.  It's getting more and more challenging to cook with one hand.
  • You dislike riding in a shopping cart.  I worry that this may be a direct link to the "baby wearing" that your dad and I did with you... now you just want to be carried everywhere.  (Or, in the case of the shopping cart, push it or climb on to the front and hang off of it as we go up and down the aisles).
  • You threw up for the first time... and second... and third.  Ick!
  • You started art "classes".  Really just a free-for-all 30 minutes of art fun.  =)
  • Your vocabulary is constantly expanding.  And you are getting really good and repeating back words that we say (we have to start being careful, now!)
  • You're tall enough/stable enough now that you can play in the shallow end of the pool at the community center without mom/dad having to hover over you.  You like to sit in the water and/or jump from standing to sitting and splash everywhere.  And you love to go down the slides!  =) 
  • You said "grandma" and "GG" (great grandma) for the first time... and in their presence!  =)

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