Saturday, February 28, 2015

Four Months!

I'm not really sure when to post Sam's 4-month post... as he won't actually have an official 4-month birthday... being born on the 30th kind of screws over the weird month of February.  So, I guess the last day of the month will have to do.  =)

Weight/Length- You have your 4-month check with the doctor in a couple of weeks... I'll do my best to remember to update this post.  You're getting big though... that's for sure!

Eating- Taking a bottle now just fine.  Thank GOD!  You're eating around the clock... literally.  I'm exhausted. 

Sleep- Awake every 2-3 hours... still.  Like I said, I'm exhausted.  I'm so looking forward to the point when you realize that sleep is good and mommy is happier with at least 6 hours of good solid sleep.  We have managed to transition you out of needing to be swaddled to sleep... but we replaced the swaddle with a pacifier (only for bed).  I figured that I'd rather deal with that later than constantly be worried about you rolling over while swaddled and not being able to roll back/push your head up, etc.

 Clothes- Transitioned to 6 months clothes last weekend!

Personality- Still a happy, happy, smiley baby!  And really a big sweet heart who loves to be engaged and talked to. You LOVE your big sister (who keeps you VERY entertained!) and it's so sweet to see the two of you together.  I hope you continue to grow into best friends. 

-You like to be entertained.  You love to watch your sister and the other kids at daycare playing and dancing.  And, in the dislike pile... you don't like when you aren't entertained (or can't see someone else... I sweat we're not magically disappearing every time we walk down the hall).
- You like to be held and up high (making us walk around with you)... a lot like your sister did at this age.  We've started to put you in the high chair at meals hoping that that will suffice... but you'd still much rather be held by one of us... and grabbing for our plates/forks/napkins/etc.
- You like to put things in your mouth... pretty sure that you're teething because you are drooling EVERYWHERE and chewing on everything you can fit in there.

-You don't like the Ergo... at least, not yet.  I remember that Em didn't like it until she could see over the arm straps.  I think that you may be right there with her.
- You don't like waiting.  We're definitely going to have to work on your patience as you get older!
- You don't like to sleep through the night.  Argh.

-You can roll from front to back!  You mastered that skill a week or two ago.
- You are in the reach and grab stage... my hair stays up in a pony tail at home these days.
- Celebrated your first Valentine's Day... thought that really just consisted of watching the rest of your family eat a heart shaped Papa Murphy's pizza.  =)

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