Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Five Months!

Weight/Length- At your 4 month check a couple of weeks back you weighed in at a little over 17 lbs... but, of course, I can't remember the length now.  I know that you were in the 55% for length, 72% for weight and 99% for head!  My big-headed little man!  =)

Eating- Still eating well, as is evident by the baby pudge.  =)  (for which I'm very excited as your sister never really got the pudge!).  We've tried to offer you a couple of "people food" items, but you are still refusing.  It's kind of funny as you'll put anything and everything else in your mouth... just nothing that is food like.

Sleep- Slowly improving... we did some sleep training this weekend (more to come in another post) and last night you slept for a 7.5 hour stretch... just which it hadn't started at 8 pm!

 Clothes- Still wearing 6 month sizes... though we've had to discard some onesies that don't have a big enough head hole.  ;)

Personality- Still quite a happy little man... unless you're being ignored.  It seems like you need to be constantly engaged (I remember the same with your sister).

-You like your chew toy... I've thought that you were teething for the last month, but still no teeth!  not sure what's going on!
-You like, no LOVE, your sister!  You laugh so hard at her and love to pull her hair and poke at her.  ;)
-You like to the roll over... even at bedtime when it's totally inconvenient... especially since you can only roll in one direction so end up getting stuck up against one side of the crib.
-You like to sleep on your side... we're a family of side sleepers.  =)

-You don't like normal foods... you make some pretty interesting faces when we offer you something edible.
-I can't think of anything else that you don't like right now...

-You can roll from back to front now!  But only to the left... lol
- You went on your first family vacation to Bend.  =)  You did ok (I was pleasantly surprised at the mellow car ride), but refused to sleep in your pack and play... so, instead you spent too nights in your car seat.  =P
- You went to your first birthday party!
- You went to your first Easter egg hunt and saw your first helicopter

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