Friday, July 3, 2015

Eight Months!

Weight/Length- Probably won't have anything to update here until next month when you have your 9 month doctor's appointment.  I think you're starting to thin out a bit though, especially since you've been working out your legs so much this last month!

Eating- Exclusively formula at this point (not sure if I've mentioned that in previous posts yet).  Starting to experiment with more solids.  You really went to town with blue berries the other night, and seem to enjoy my sweet potato fries.  =)

Teeth-  You currently have 4 teeth (two top, two bottom), but it looks like another top tooth is coming in right now!

Sleep- Sleep hasn't changed much since last month.  Still going to bed around 8ish, waking up sometime between 3-5, having another bottle and then going back to sleep until around 7or so (depending on what time your mid-night wake up was).  We got a couple of 8-12, 12-6 stretches this month, and I wasn't sure if I preferred sleeping for a longer stretch of time, or sleeping later.  It was a toss up.  =)

 Clothes- We pulled out your 9 month clothes this month.  You're still wearing most of your 6 month stuff, but you have some new pieces to add to your summer wardrobe.  ;)

Personality- Still very happy, very observant, and very motivated to MOVE!

-You like to play in the water.  I actually seem to enjoy putting your face in the path of the shower head when you're showering with Dad.
- You like chasing the cat around the house.... I don't know that he likes it much though!
- You like standing up.  You want to stand up ALL THE TIME, and get annoyed when mom's back just can't handle the hunching any more. 

-You don't like being stationary.  You can move now, and that's all you want to do.  Lying on your back to get your diaper changed is, like, the worst thing ever.
- You don't like... hmm... I don't know.  There isn't really anything else that I can think of!

-So, in the last month you went from just figuring out how to get into a seated position to crawling, pulling yourself into a standing position, and cruising along the furniture.  I kind of fear what the next month is going to bring! lol

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