Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Recap

So, after our fun-filled Christmas Eve evening, Jacob and I got a few hours of sleep and then got up to drive down to my parent's place outside of Eugene for Christmas Day festivities.  It was really nice not to have to be there until about noon when my brother was picking up my nephew from his mom's house.  It meant that we didn't have to leave the house until about 9 AM to get there in time to open presents.  I didn't get up until just before 8... I think that's the latest I've slept in on Christmas in a LONG time!

Jacob and I picked up some warm beverages and breakfast sandwiches at Starbucks and then made the 2.5 hour drive down.  Traffic was actually pretty non-existent... which REALLY surprised me!  I was expected a lot of holiday travelers.  I guess that we must have beat the rush.

We got down to my parents' place, visited for awhile and waiting for my brothers, sisters (in-law, to-be, and might-as-well-be) and nephew to get there and then we opened gifts.  We kids did a secret Santa gift exchange with the catch  being that everything had to be homemade... for the most part we did pretty good! lol

Jenn made Brittney a crocheted headband.
Scott got a wood carved "Legend of Scott" Nintendo game from Rob.

Jacob made Jenn a hanging photo mount/mobile thing

Scott printed up a Pendleton Roundup poster for Dustin

I made Rob a photo/document board for his office*

Brittney** made me these decoupaged switch plates.  I'm really excited to put the "Awake/Asleep" one in the nursery!

Dustin drew Jacob's name... he made him a sandwich. =)  I wasn't able to get a photo before Jacob ate it for lunch.  =)

Our unofficial "goal" on Christmas is to see who can make Mom cry with our gifts.  There were some doozies this year.  In addition to the traditional yearly photo calendar that we give her, Jenn and Brittney got super crafty:

Jenn's masterpiece
My nephew also got to experience the joys of homemade goodness with his Pokemon Trainer shirt c/o Jenn:

After opening presents, we played some Yahtzee, ate some Christmas goodies and then headed over to my Grandma's house for more presents, dinner and games.  My brother Scott and his fiance, Jenn, got the game HeadBanz for Christmas, so we played a little of that.  You've probably seen similar things in drinking game and/or group ice breaker format.  Someone gets a card with a word on it and that have to ask questions to figure out who/what they are.  It was pretty much hilarious:

Much later than anticipated, Jacob and I finally climbed back into the car and headed home to sleep before our last day of our mini vacation... a day of REST! Finally! lol  We had a great time with our families, but definitely appreciated a day of nothing afterward!

*Rob sent me a photo today of my gift in use... it actually looks pretty good! lol

** No, you're not reading that wrong.  Her name is Brittney, as is mine, and as is my other brother's wife (though she spells it with an "a").  It gets complicated sometimes... but we manage. =)

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As for the Britt(a)n(e)y Some of us manage better then others, lol with the spelling of the names. :)