Monday, October 22, 2012

My Poor Baby

This is another post that's been sitting in my "drafts" for months now.  I'm slowly catching up. =)

One night back in late July/early August, Emily kept waking herself up coughing.  When she coughed she acted like she was in pain... not just an annoyance like coughing generally is.  And then she would pass gas, and that appeared to be painful for her as well.  We made it through the night, but the next day Jacob took the day off and took her to the pediatrician.  Turns out she had some kind of stomach bug.  That day, after leaving the doctor, she developed a bit of a fever.  We monitored it, and it didn't get that bad, but she was definitely not her usual self.

This is what I came home to that evening... my poor little girl looking so pathetic. =(  

The next day I stayed home with her.  She was feeling a LOT better, and we probably could have taken her to daycare just fine, but 1) I didn't want to risk getting any of the other kids sick, and 2) I didn't get the chance to cuddle/take care of my sick little girl and kind of felt guilty/jealous/disappointed about it.

I'm not looking forward to the cold/flu season and the inevitable sickness.  =(

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