Tuesday, March 25, 2014

23 Months!

Weight/Length- Still no idea.  I totally forget to check.  We'll know next month at your 2 YEAR doctor's appointment though!

Eating- You snack... a lot.  And you'll eat large amounts of things that you really like (macaroni and cheese and applesauce) and not much of other things.

Teeth- No sign of those 2-year molars yet.

Sleep- You sleep like a champ (knock on wood), though I wish your afternoon nap was a bit longer (you only nap for about 90 minutes in the middle of the day).

 Clothes-Same problem as last month... you're too tall and too skinny for pants to fit you right.  For the most part you are wearing 24 month/2T sizes.  And, either I'm really back up with the laundry (which could very well be the case), or we don't have as many pants in that size as I thought.  May be time to make a trip to the consignment store again.  =)

Personality- So so smart.  And such a sweet heart.  You love your friends at day care, "talk" about them constantly, and give them hugs and kisses when we pick you up in the afternoon.  You are definitely a social creature.

  • You like to play with dolls.  You'll cuddle with them, get their shoes on, and, I've been told by day care, even change their diapers.  =)
  • You like to go outside.  We've had a couple nice days of weather and you love to be outside playing in your sand box and the garden. You also like to color with sidewalk chalk and chase bubbles that mommy blows.
  • You like looking out windows and observing things.
  • You like pretending to talk on the phone... even if you don't say much.  =)
  •  You don't like being told "no"... but I think that's kind of a given for a toddler, right?  ;)
  • You don't like daddy waking you up in the morning for day care.  You roll over and pull the blanket over your head.  lol 
  • You don't like eating with your fork... you prefer one of mom or dad's big forks.  You're too big for the baby fork I guess.  ;)
  • Oh my gosh!  I can't think of any!  This month was pretty mellow... aside from your vocabulary increasing daily, I can't think of any other significant milestones.  Some things you like to say this month are:
    • "Come" (when you want us to follow you somewhere)
    • "Go" (while pulling on the door knob... generally when you have your shoes and coat on in the morning and dad and I are still trying to get ready).
    • "Hi _____" (you'll say hi to mommy, daddy, your day care friends, the kitty, etc... ditto with "bye".
    • "Airplane" (your kind of obsessed.... you can see/hear them when they are really far away! lol)
  • Thought of a milestone!  You can open your snack cupboard by yourself... uh oh!  You remove the hair-tie child-proofer, open the cupboard, grab the crackers, close the cupboard, and put the hair-tie back over the knobs. lol  

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