Monday, May 5, 2014

24 Months!

I am SOO behind in my blogging!  I have SOO much to share from the last few weeks... will do as much as I can as soon as I can!

Emily turned TWO years old on April 23rd.  I can't believe it!  Here's her 24 month post (this will be her final "monthly" update).

Weight/Length- It was a bit difficult to get your height and weight at the doctor, you were too scared/remembered the shots... though you didn't have to get any vaccines this time.  You weighed in at just over 27 llbs. and measured 36 inches tall.  You hit the 50th percentile for weight and 95th (!) for height.  You are, so far, your mother's daughter.  =)

Eating- You're not snacking as much as you were before.  Sometimes you can actually go between meals without a snack.  Though, when you're hungry, you let me know.  The other day you grabbed a box full of brownie mix and brought it to me in another room. lol  I don't think you knew what it was exactly, but it was in the "snack" cupboard, so it must be good, right?  ;)

Teeth- No sign of those 2-year molars yet.

Sleep- You sleep from about 8 pm to somewhere between 7 and 8 am on average... and take about a 1.5-2 hour nap after lunch. 

 Clothes- 24/2T clothes, about a size 7/8 toddler shoe.  Problem is, you're too skinny so your pants tend to sag.  I wish I could find some baby drawstring pants.  =)

Personality- You are so friendly and so loving.  You're starting to get a bit of an attitude and are testing your limits, but I LOVE your "BIG hugs!" and your kisses.  You smile constantly and love to run around and jump and play.  You are also REALLY independent.  You have to do so many things yourself, including getting your pajamas on... which includes your diaper.  I've had to start putting your diaper together and then giving it to you so that you slide it on like a pull up. lol  Once I figured out that trick (and bought you some non-footie jammes) the bedtime routine got so much easier!

  • You like to name the things that you see and ask for mom or dad to identify things that you don't know the words to yet, and then repeat them back to us.  =)
  • You love books and reading.  Sometimes you'll even "read" your books to yourself.  I'll hear you "moo"ing and "roar"ing to yourself while you read your animal books.  ;)
  • As has been the same for a few months now, you also love Curious George and Elmo.
  • You love being outside.  The last couple of days you have asked to go out and play in the backyard... it's been great to let you out there while I'm cooking dinner or resting a bit after a long day at work and you play by yourself on the back patio and occasionally "talk" to me while I cook.  =)
  • You like going to Daddy's futsal games and kicking your ball around and playing with your friend.
  •  You don't like going to the doctor apparently!  You threw quite the fit with the nurses this month!
  • You don't like foods that you liked yesterday.  For some reason one day you'll love something, and the next day you want nothing to do with it.  You're a fickled little kid.  =)
  • You went on a ferry for the first time!  And a taxi!  We went on vacation (need to blog about that, too!) to Catalina Island in Southern California and you got to do both for the first time... and a golf cart!  And you saw a buffalo!  It was a fun trip, more to come!  =)
  • You had your "first" birthday.  I'm saying your "first" because I think that this was the first one that you actually understood/cared about.  Gotta blog about that, too!  Geez... I've got my work cut out for me.  ;)
  • You are putting up to three to four words together to form small sentences.  Things like "Daddy, where are you?" and "more ____, please!"  You can also "count" to 10... from 6. lol  You used to be able to count "1, 2, 3"... now you count "1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10".  not really sure what happened to 2-5!

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