Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Girl

I remember when I went back to work when Emily was about 8 weeks old.  I had conversations with other moms about how much it sucked to leave them right when they are getting to a "fun" age where they can interact with you.  Emily also hit a "fun" age at about 6 months when she was crawling all over the place, and at 9 months when she started walking (and subsequently running)... and at 12 months... and 18 months....

The point I'm trying to make is that I have discovered that one "fun" age is followed, almost immediately by another.

Emily turned 2 just over a month ago.  Everyone has heard of the "terrible twos", and, for about a week, I thought someone had flipped some baby banshee switch on us, but the last month has been awesome.  I SO much enjoy having a little person who has some personality and independence.  Who can dress herself, and play alone for awhile, and TELL ME WHAT SHE WANTS. 

I love that I can let her outside in the backyard to play while I make dinner and she "checks in" with me every few minutes by piggy-pressing her nose up against the screen door.  I love that she no longer cries to be let out of her room when she wakes up, but rather yells "Mama!" or, simply, knocks on her bedroom door.

I love that I can set her clothes out for her, and she will put them on herself!  I love that, after a meal, I can tell her to go wash her hands and she can go into the bathroom, climb up on her stool and "wash" her hands (even if she needs a second pass at it with an adult to get all the sticky off).

I love that I can tell her to get me a spoon and she'll open the drawer and grab a spoon for me.  I love that I can ask her to get me the green box of crackers and she does! 

I love that she UNDERSTANDS me when I'm not being very clear.  For example, trying to get a garden tool outside the other day... I asked her to bring me that "thing" with the "green handle" that she likes to "pound in the rocks"... and she found and brought me exactly what I was asking for me!

I love that I can ask her about her day and she tells me that it was "good" and lists off the people that she played with.

I love that she wants to spend time with me, and "help" whenever she can (I know that stage won't last for long!)

I love that she says "Bless You" when I sneeze, and pats me on the back when I cough (and sometimes asks me if I need some water).  I love that she asks me "All done?" before she tries to drag me away from the dinner table to play with her.

I love that she has so much love inside of her.  She is going to be an amazing big sister, and an awesome kid.  I can't wait to experience the next "fun" ages with her.  It really feels like life gets more and more wonderful and fulfilling with each new day.


Anonymous said...

Lovely post. I like hearing that fun stages are followed by more fun stages.

Shannon said...

I'm loving this age for so many of the same reasons you listed. So far 2's haven't been terrible for us.