Monday, May 12, 2014

16 Weeks!

Size of baby: According to BabyCenter, you’re about the size of an avocado.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Up about 12 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: Have pulled out a few maternity tops/dresses (more to change up my wardrobe than from necessity).  However, I am weighing my post-prego pants as my waist has widened a bit.

Gender: Should find out in about a month.  I suspect that it’s another girl, but only time will tell.  =)

Movement: Feeling some movement now occasionally.  Some rolling around and a couple of sharp jabs last week. 

What I miss: I miss not having to second guess everything I eat and whether it’s on the “do not eat list”.  Went to Jimmy Johns for lunch yesterday and had a hell of time trying to find a sandwich that was “safe” without being heated up.

Sleep: Eh, wrong day to ask.  Sleep sucked hard last night.  For the most part it’s ok.  Still waking up to use the bathroom though.

Symptoms: Not a whole lot of symptoms.  Not starving-hungry anymore, my weird, weird dreams seem to have subsided.  Aside from getting fatter, I seem to be doing ok.  =)

Cravings: Not a whole lot of cravings these days.

Best Moment this week: As I haven’t written in 5 weeks, there have been a lot of great moments, I’m sure.  But yesterday was Mother’s Day, so that sticks out.  We didn’t really do anything that out of the ordinary, but I reflected a lot on how happy I felt being a mother to a lively, funny, beautiful, friendly little girl, and a to-be mommy to a (currently) mellow little one.  My life has been blessed in so many ways.

What I am looking forward to:  Have a doctor’s appointment later this morning, so will get to hear the heart beat again.  =)  Also, kind of looking forward to making the transition to maternity clothes as I think I may be a little more comfortable… and it means that I get to do some shopping as I was never pregnant in the summer before.  I’ll need to stock up on some skirts and light pants. 

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