Sunday, June 15, 2014

Snakes and Snails!

I am pretty behind... but, in my defense, I have recently discovered "Orange in the New Black".  ;)  Anyway, about two weeks ago we had the BIG ultrasound.  You know... the one where you're required to drink a BUNCH of water right beforehand and then they press down on you with an ultrasound wand?  I really think it's just a sick joke to see how long they can go before a pregnant woman wets herself.

Anyway, baby looks amazing and everything is measuring right on schedule.  I knew, just KNEW that it was going to be a girl.  So much of this pregnancy has been similar to the last one, I figured that meant it was going to have the "same" result.  But, guess what?  I was way wrong.

Baby #2 is a BOY!  =)

My little rocker baby... fist pumping already!

I was shocked.  I still kind of am.  And a little nervous.  I KNOW how to be a girl mama... this is going to be a new experience (even if just from a biological/anatomical standpoint). 

I was glad to finally know the sex though, Jacob has refused to talk about names until we know.  Now we do, and now we have a name (90% set I think... but we're keeping it on the DL until after the little guy arrives!), and now I can start actually getting rid of some stuff, planning how to redesign our office and Emily's room into New Emily's Room and baby boy nursery.  =)

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Shannon said...

Congratulations!! Little boys are awesome, you will love it!