Sunday, November 30, 2014

One month down!

I can't believe that it's been a whole month already since Sam was born.  I have a list of blogs that I intend to write about parenting two kids, have a newborn again, etc., etc... maybe I'll get to them some day.  =)  Aside from the sleep deprivation, life isn't too bad right now.  I hope I find some time to write more about it soon.  But, for now, a recap of Sam's first month.  =)

Weight/Length- You haven't had a doctor's appointment since your 2 week check (and won't have another until January!).  At the two week check you were weighing in at a little over 9 lbs and 22.25" long.  Couple of things to note here.  First off, at the two week check they are hoping to see that babies are back to their birth weight.  You weight in at 8 lbs at birth... meaning not only did you get back to birth weight, but EXCEEDED by more than a full pound!  Also, at the hospital you were measured at 18 inches.  Pretty sure they screwed that one up, 'cause I'm guessing that you didn't grown more than 4 inches in two weeks!  So, at 2 weeks you were in the 75th percentile for weight and 99th for height!  Little big man! =)

Eating- You eat like a champ.  Thankfully your 30-minute epic feedings are now down to about 15 minutes a piece.  I much, MUCH prefer the short-and-quickness.  It gets kind of boring sitting there waiting for you to finish.  ;)  We recently introduced you to bottles, and you don't really seem to mind them... I am VERY happy about this, as it means that I can leave the house for extended periods of time now!  It's like getting a piece of my freedom back!  =)

Sleep-Eh... leaving something to be desired in this category.  At night you are sleeping anywhere from 2-4 hours stretches, but it takes a lot of work to get you to fall asleep sometimes... and to stay asleep when we put you down.  Specifically during the daytime, if we aren't holding you, you really fight the sleep thing.  You also need to be swaddled in order to sleep for extended periods of time as you tend to punch yourself in the face and wake yourself up.  Problem is, you HATE to be swaddled, too... and I suck at actually successfully swaddling.  Your dad is pretty good at it, and sometimes you'll fall asleep the moment he does it.  With me, you just kick and punch and scream and make me feel horrible.  I have a hard time dealing with that at 2 am, so sometimes your dad has to come to my rescue.  =)

 Clothes- I think that you're slowly starting to outgrow the newborn stuff.  Your head has been too big for a couple of onesies this last week, and I think your length may be following suit.  =)

Personality- This last week you have finally started to enjoy laying on the floor, kicking around and checking out your surroundings.  Like your sister, you have "grunting baby syndrome" and are often times red in the face trying to figure out how to poop.  There's not a lot that we can do for you, but you are super unhappy/cranky about the situation and, thus, we get super cranky/unhappy listening to/dealing with your discomfort.  I'm hoping that this stage passes soon!

-You like to be held when you sleep.
-You like to be bounced in our arms on our exercise ball.
-You like white noise.
-You don't actually mind tummy time.
-You like to lay on the floor and kick around.

-You don't like being in your car seat.
-You don't like being put down when your sleeping.
-You don't like having the hiccups/having to poop.
-You don't like sitting still.

-Everything has been a milestone this month because everything is new!  Specifically though you:
-Celebrated your first Halloween and Thanksgiving
- Met your grandparents and aunts/uncles/cousins
-Made your first trip to the mall and the community center to watch your sister go swimming.
-Tried out the Ergo for a couple of walks (you sleep, it seemed to work out well).

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