Friday, January 2, 2015

Two Months!

A few days late... Sam's 2-month mark was on Dec. 30th. 

Weight/Length- You have your official 2-month appointment in a few days.  If I remember to update, I will.  =)  I will say that a couple of weeks ago I went to an appointment with a lactation consultant and you were a little over 13 lbs with an empty tummy.

Eating- I have absolutely no concern with your eating when I'm feeding you, but you are NOT a fan of the bottle.  After WEEKS of dealing with screaming and rejecting, your dad can finally get you to suck on a bottle, but you consistently only drink about an ounce.  The couple of times that you've been to day care you've only had about an ounce in the SIX HOURS that you're there.  You are one stubborn little guy!

Sleep-Sleeps going pretty good.  You are only waking up about once per "night" (depending on who's definition of night we're talking about), and a couple of times you've slept through the night.  Last night you were down for the night at about 11:30 and slept until 4:30 and then were awake (briefly) to eat again at 6:30 and then "up" at about 9:00.  It's great when I'm able to catch the same long stretch of sleep that you do.  =)

 Clothes- We have you in 3 month sized clothes now.  You're just too long for the 0-3 month onesies.

Personality- You are a smiley little man!  For the most part you are pretty happy.  When you're supper cranky it's usually because you're tired, need to burp, or just want to interact more with someone.  Usually pretty easy to remedy. 

-You like white noise.  You won't really fall asleep without it.
-You like interacting with people.  Smiling, sticking out your tongue, "talking" with your coos.
-You like your sister.  You will watch her do pretty much anything.  =)

-You don't like being tired.  You fight sleep and it's a bit of a pain to get you to close your eyes sometimes.
-You don't like drinking out of a bottle... you much prefer the real deal.
-You don't like being ignored.  If you're sitting in your seat/laying on the floor you need to be interacting with someone or you get grumpy.

- Celebrated your first Christmas and "saw" your first Christmas lights (you slept through them all).
- First trip to OMSI.
- First overnight trip.... went down to Junction City for Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa
- First days at day care.  Sounds like you do well, but you barely eat anything.  I don't like that.  =P

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Pam said...

What a great way to capture the changes as he grows. I am sure you will look back on these updates as treasures later on.