Friday, May 1, 2015

3 Years old!

Emily turned THREE years old on April 23rd.  It's amazing how quickly time goes by.  I think she's officially crossed over from "toddler" title to the "preschooler" title!

Weight/Height- We have your 3 year appointment next week, but at home you weight in at about 33 lbs.  Not exactly sure how tall you are, but will try to update after your appointment!
Update:  At your doctor's appointment you measured in at 39 1/4 inches tall and 34 lbs... in the 92% for height and 76% for weight.  =)

Eating- When you're hungry, you can definitely put the food away (some mornings you'll eat 3 pancakes!), but you can also be a picky little goober and eat like a bird.  You enjoy all things peanut butter, cereal and applesauce... and chocolate.

Sleep-You used to sleep SOO well.  Now it's a fight to get you to go to/stay in bed.  Bedtime starts around 8, and you're usually asleep around 9:30 after making several trips in and out of bed.  You're kind of driving us nuts.  You also seem to have a hard time staying asleep at night and often crawl into bed with us in the wee morning hours.  Sometimes I don't even know that you're there until Sam cries... other times you come in and smack me to get me to scoot over! lol 

 Clothes- 3T and moving up to 4T.  You are tall and skinny.  Your clothes are too short, but sometimes it's a challenge to keep your pants up!

Personality- You can be so sweet and caring.  You can be really polite, a great sharer and a fantastic help.  Notice I say "can"?  You definitely have a bit of an attitude sometimes and can also be pretty obstinate either directly refusing to do something, or pretending that you do hear us, or hiding your face thinking that, if you can't see us, we must not be able to see you either.  ;)  For the most part, though, he are a pretty cool little kid and are constantly surprising us with your wit and intelligence!

  • You like your brother... a lot.  He's YOUR baby and I don't think I've really experienced any jealousy issues.
  • You like your "shows"... Daniel Tiger, My Little Ponies, Magic School Bus, Curious George to name a few.
  • You like watching music videos... and you LOVE to dance!  Thinking about signing you up for a hip hop class as we think that you'd really love it!
  • You like being outside playing with bugs and digging in dirt.
  • You like wearing dresses and skirts and seeing how they twirl.  
  • You like to talk... a lot.  A LOT.
  • You like to clean.  That trait must have skipped a generation.  lol  Tonight you had a spray bottle and a towel scrubbing the kitchen floor.
  •  You don't like going to bed.  It's a constant struggle.
  • You don't like "dinner"... I don't know what it is about the evening meal, but you tend to through a bit of a fit when it's time to eat (unless you're really hungry, and then you chow down).
  • I think that's all I've got in terms of the don't likes... aside from listening/doing something that you don't want to do.
  • You can count to 10.
  • Your vocabulary is huge and you use it... a lot. lol  You are quite the little talker!
  • You are potty trained!  Just this week you went 3 nights with a dry pull up so your dad decided to risk it on night 4 and you had another dry night in just undies!
  • You know pretty much all of your colors (though you get black and white confused), and you know most shapes.  You can pick out a few letters, too.
  •  You are now a big sister... and you love it!  =)  And Sam loves you... a lot! 

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