Wednesday, September 30, 2015

10... and 11... Months

*These last couple of months have been nuts... and Sam's growth progression blog posts have suffered.  =(  I'm hoping to write more about it later, but in the last couple of months we've put our house on the market, started the process of buying a new house, had two work trips (one for Jacob and one for me) and two bouts of pneumonia (also one each), both ending up in hospital visits.  So.. better late than never?

Weight/Length- Not sure on current stats... I'm assuming not much different than your 9 month appt... seeing as you're STILL able to get squeezed into some of your 6 month clothes...

Eating- You are a goober when it comes to food.  You'll put anything in your month... if it's not supposed to be there.  Food though, you poke at, taste, and then throw on the floor (at which point you'll eat it, off the floor, at a later time).  You're all about the cheerios and the goldfish... trying hard to introduce more a variety of foods, especially since you're getting so close to your first birthday!

Teeth-  You JUST got a couple more teeth this month, bringing the total up to 8... 4 each on bottom and top!

Sleep- Go to bed at 8, wake up sometime between 6:30 and 7:30 (though usually closer to the 6:30 mark).  The other morning though, you were up at 5:15!  We were not having that, so I gave you a toy and you talked to yourself until 6:00.

 Clothes-Primarily wearing 9 month clothes... with the occasional 12 (and 6) month item thrown in.  You have several cute fall shirts and pants, so looking forward to the weather cooling down so that we can mix it up a bit.  =)

Personality- This last month I went on a three day work trip, followed by being sick on the couch/in bed for four days, followed by 3 days in the hospital... by the time I came home you seemed to have gotten over the "only mommy" stage.  I miss it sometimes... but I'm SOO grateful to be able to sit down and/or go to the bathroom by myself on occasion!  You are still a very happy little guy, and very vocal!  You talk to yourself a lot!

-You like electronics... cell phones, tablets, remote controls... you are going to be your daddy's little side kick!
- You LOVE your sister!  You two are finally starting to be able to play together (though sometimes she gets a little rough and makes me nervous).  You two giggle and roll around... it's so cute.  I'm so happy that you'll have a sibling to love you!
- You like cheerios... a lot.  Sometimes I'll put you in your high chair with a handful of cheerios just so I can get stuff down in the kitchen... I'm sorry for any issues that may cause you later in life.  ;)
- You LOVE trucks/cars/anything with wheels.  You will zip around the house pushing a toy car.  It's so funny how gender conforming you and your sister both are... even though we definitely didn't push either of you in that way.

-You don't like sitting still.  You have to be moving around... even if you don't really know where you want to be/what you want to be doing.
- You don't like trying new foods... you give them some pretty funny looks!
- You don't like laying down long enough for a diaper change.  It's getting a bit challenging to change your diaper, and I've had to resort to doing it on your bedroom floor a couple of times recently as I'm so afraid that you're going to fall off the changing table!

- First you stood by yourself for a few seconds without holding on to anything.  Then you took a pivot step or two to get from couch to ottoman, etc.  As of a couple of days ago though, you are WALKING!  Toddling around all over the place (unless your dad is trying to get a video... and then you are quite uncooperative!).  So, you started walking just before your 11 month mark!
- First time visiting someone in the hospital (me... ugh).
- First Powwow.  I had to work, so your dad brought you and Emily to check it out.
- First times being away from mom and dad over night... first so that we could go on a long weekend trip for our 5 year wedding anniversary in August (you stayed with Grandma and Grandpa), and then so dad could be with me in the hospital for a little while (you stayed at daycare over night).

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