Thursday, November 12, 2015

12 Months!

Weight/Length- Your dad took you to your 12 month appointment... and forgot to remember/write down your stats!  So I had to call the doctor's office yesterday to get them.  =)  You are currently 23 lbs, 10 oz. and 30" "long" (I consider it "tall" now as you are walking around, but doctor still calls it "long").  Still mid-range with height (54 percentile) and above average with weight (80-something) and head circumference (70-something), but you are starting to even out a bit.  ;)

Eating- Pretty much everything that I wrote for this category last month could be written again.  Still a picky eater (we had to put cheerios ON YOUR BIRTHDAY CAKE just so you would taste it!).  Trying to offer you more and more table foods, but still resorting to cheerios and baby snack food thingies to get SOMETHING in your stomach during meal times.  Really hope that this stage passes soon!

Teeth-  I *think* (hope!) that you are currently teething.  You're moody, clingy, whiny and have a runny nose.  I really hoping your first molars are the reason...

Sleep- You've been getting to bed a little earlier these days, around 7:30.  Wake up is anywhere between 6:30 and 7:15 generally (more often closer to the 6:30).

 Clothes-Can still fit in to most of your 9 months clothes, but since we are unpacking (just moved!) I decided to phase out all of the 9 months (except pants, you little shorty) and pull in all your 12 month stuff.  You've got some cute, comfy sweats.  I'm jealous.

Personality- See above... whiny, moody, clingy... and starting to through tantrums when you don't get what you want.  Woo hoo to the toddler years! lol.  Pretty much your fits break down to the fact hat you want to be eye level with mommy (and sometimes daddy).  Which means that we either need to be down on the ground with you (at which point you tend to ignore us and play with whatever toy is down there, too, and check in every few minutes for a hug before you go on your way) or you want to be up in our arms so that you're up high, too.  This is starting to get painful... you're a big guy and I can only do so much one handed!  (And I can't cook dinner while sitting on the floor!)

-You like running around with/chasing your sister and LAUGHING hysterically when she "chases" you, too.
- You like playing catch with a ball and rolling your cars/trucks across the floor.
- You like opening and closing doors... I'm just so worried about your little fingers!
- You like chasing the kitty around and "petting him"... he's not so much a fan of this new stage.  ;)

-You don't like playing by yourself.  You want someone with you, even if they are just sitting on the floor doing something else.
- You don't like not being able to go up and down the stairs like your sister! 
- You don't like the fact that mom won't let you walk/run and eat at the same time.  "Places to go, woman!"

- First haircut!  Check out the difference between weeks 51 and 52 below.  ;)
- First swim lessons!  You got upset when I wouldn't let you lap up the water... off the deck floor.  =P
- First time moving!  More to dome on this later!  I think you like the new house... so much more room to run around with your sister!

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