Friday, May 6, 2011

Moving on Out...

It's been awhile since I've blogged anything... I have no excuse, so I'm not going to try to make one... I'll just move on and try to do better in the future. =)

Now that the interior of our house is pretty much "done" (or, at least, there are no overly important/desired "to do"s on my list), and the weather is starting to warm up a bit, we have been moving on to the outside of the house and dealing with the yard. 

I've never been a bit "yard work" type of person, but, for some reason the mere fact that it is now MY yard has changed that tune a little bit.  I am having ideas and planning things out, and even, actually, DOING things! lol

About a month ago I started thinking about the vegetable garden that I wanted to plant.  I knew that I wanted a raised bed design.  I looked a bit at Home Depot's DIY kits, and realized (or, rather, reaffirmed) that I am NOT a DIY type of person.  So, I went to my absolute favorite source for this type of thing... Craigslist!  And I was successful!  I found a guy who custom made garden boxes AND delivered for only a few dollars more than one of the kits at Home Depot would have cost me.  In my mind, it was a bargain!  Then, with some help from my brother and in-laws, I dug out the grass and we filled it up with a combo of dirt and horse manure.  I still need to get out there and mix it up a bit, but here's the "finished" product:

I planted some starts a couple of weeks back, and have been anxiously waiting for them to sprout do I can go out and do the actual planting, but, for some reason, they just aren't sprouting!  I really have no idea why, and am starting to get a bit perturbed as I was hoping to get out there this weekend.  I did have a nice little surprise waiting for me when I came home today though:

One little sprout poking it's way through!  And, best thing yet, it's one of the sunflowers! =)

If the weather doesn't suck too bad this weekend, I'm still going to try to get out there and do some planting.  I have a tomato plant to go in and some carrots and onions that I didn't "start", so, we'll see how it goes.

Another outdoor project that Jacob and I started work on this last weekend was taking down the hideous shrub/bush/vine/thing that lines the back of our yard.  You may remember it from earlier photos:

See that monstrosity that lines the back fence?  I wanted it GONE. lol  I hate it, plus, it would give us about 3-4 more feet of yard if it were gone.  So, last weekend Jacob and I went to town trimming the shit out of it! =)

We made a dent (and found that people have, apparently, been throwing trash into it!), but we still have a long way to go... what we really need is someone with a chainsaw and a desire to demolish. =)  If you know anyone in the Portland area, let me know!  And, while you're at it, I have a front yard FULL of frickin' dandelions that we can't seem to get rid of either... so you can add that to your referral list.  *sigh*  This is our next big project I'm afraid.  I'm tired of having the trashiest front lawn on the block. =(

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Holly said...

We yanked out blackberries at our house in our first year and a half here and discovered our yard was twice as large as originally thought. There's still a fair amount of yardwork to go at our house, but I put it on hold this year since I can't bend over well. :-)