Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wow, I Really Suck!

I totally meant to blog this weekend... but just the thought of having to think enough to put words together was enough for me! lol  I spent most of today in my pajamas, and the rest of it in my softball sweats... this weekend was definitely one of rest... from all things home-life productive anyhow.  I did have happy hour with a friend on Friday, went to the Timbers game on Saturday, and then played a double header with my softball team this evening (we lost both games, but my husband played like a freakin' rock start!  Slid into base safe three times... once head first! He was named the "Player of the Game").  I'm exhausted... but in a good way!  Oh!  And earlier this week I finally got a chance to plant my garden!

And now, some week/end recap photos for your enjoyment. =)

My garden!  Grow baby, grow!

Jacob and I at the Timbers game!  Front row seats in the Army section!  Woo!

My brother Scott made it up for the game, too!

The Army


Timber Joey

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