Sunday, May 15, 2011

Role Reversal

My brother, Dustin, is getting married in early October.  His fiance, Brittany**, asked me to be a bridesmaid, and yesterday I got to see what that role is like!

I have never been a bridesmaid before.  My MOH, Josie, asked me to her MOH when she was married several years ago, but then decided to elope in Vegas, so, while I went with her, I didn't get the full on "bridesmaid" experience. 

Yesterday we went shopping for dresses.  Since I am the only one of her girls who live in Portland, and Brittany wanted to shop there for the larger of array of dress options, I made us a couple of appointments at local dress retailers.  First off, we went to David's, and probably tried on about 15-20 different dresses.  There were three that Brittany put on her "maybe" list, but nothing was really getting a very strong reaction from any of us.  Funny side note, one of the dresses that was at the top of her "maybe" list was the dress that I had originally picked up when we went shopping for my ladies (this one).  Our service at David's kinda sucked (our consultant kept stepping away and not returning for 20 minutes at a time... even when she was just going to see if one of the dresses came in a certain color... it was kind of ridiculous).

After our trip to David's we had an appointment at Bridal Exclusives at the Clackamas Promenade.  The selection was a lot smaller, but the service was SOOO much better, and we found the ONE.  It was pretty obvious when it was right.  Brittany's eyes lit up and she said "I LIKE that one!" (not the response that the other dresses were getting!) the moment I stepped out of the dressing room (myself and fellow bridesmaid Jennifer were the models, as 90% of the dresses in the store were in our sizes).

The dress is gorgeous, and I'm happy that it was a) one of the cheaper ones in the store (still slightly more than a David's dress, but better quality) and b) that it's something I could definitely wear again.  Here it is!

Imagine it in a chocolate color with slim spaghetti straps.

**  It's kind of weird having the same name as my brother's fiance, but, here's the kicker, another of my brothers is dating a girl named Brittney as well... so there are THREE of us!  I think it confuses my nephew... he has called my third brother's girlfriend Brittney before, too (her name is Jennifer).  I wonder if he just thinks that "Brittney" means "girl". =)

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