Monday, December 31, 2012

It's taken me a week to post about Christmas... but I have a good excuse.... "Christmas" in our household didn't end until yesterday!  That's right... instead of celebrating Emily's first Christmas, we celebrated Emily's first FOUR Christmases!  Here's the recap:

Christmas #1, Dec. 23rd - Our first Christmas celebration happened unexpectedly (for me).  We spent the day with Jacob's parents, brother, niece and nephew playing in the snow at Mt. Hood and then headed back to his parents' place.  I wasn't aware that dinner and presents were occurring as well!  Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the "Christmas" festivities that evening, but here are some adorable shots of Emily's first snow experience. =)

Christmas #2, Dec. 24th - Christmas Eve morning Jacob woke up with the flu.  =(  We had plans to go to his brother's house for a our formal celebration with his extended family, but I wasn't sure what the day was going to bring as he laid on the couch watching Dr. Who and trying to recoup.  In the end, he decided that he wanted to be with family, so we made the drive to his brother's place for dinner and presents... I'm hoping that he didn't breathe on anyone (so far I haven't heard that anyone else got sick).

Christmas #3, Dec. 25th - Emily had already been put to bed before it was time for the present portion of the previous evening so, on Christmas morning I made Jacob get out of bed (still sick) so that we could have a family Christmas morning and Emily could open a couple of presents. 

We were supposed to go to my parents place a couple of hours away for Christmas, but Jacob was feeling horrible and I wasn't about to leave him on Christmas.  So, we decided to have a day at home and reschedule Christmas with my family for the following weekend.

After opening presents, getting Em down for a nap, and deciding that we weren't going anywhere, I booked it to Safeway to find something worthwhile for a Christmas dinner.  I'm pretty proud of myself: roasted turkey, steamed green beans, homemade garlic mashed potatoes, dinner rolls and pumpkin pie... not bad for dinner on the fly! =)

Christmas #4, Dec. 29th - About a week after he got sick, Jacob was still feeling pretty gross, but was at least good enough to make the trek down to my parents place for the night.  My mom had, amazingly, pretty much recreated Christmas for us!  (There were so many presents under the tree it looked like they hadn't already opened most of them! lol.  Guess who most of those gifts were for? ;))

All three of my brothers, their significant others, my nephew and my grandmother all made it over for dinner.  (My dad joked that we should have just postponed Christmas in the first place).  We opened presents, had dinner (and lots of dessert), and then hung out for awhile as a family before people started heading home.  I was glad that I got to have "Christmas" with my family this year after all!

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