Monday, December 31, 2012

The Year of the Baby... and New Business

At the end of 2011/beginning of 2012 I was 25 weeks pregnant and had just decided to try to created a little side business for myself doing some portrait photography in order to earn some extra spending money/income for my family.  I had NO IDEA how either of these endeavors was going to go... but I can now report that both turned out fantastically. =)

Today Jacob and I have a beautiful, HAPPY, healthy baby girl.  Emily is 36 weeks old today and surprises us with her intelligence and personality on a daily basis.  I fear that she will be walking by the end of January, which I'm sure will lead to all kinds of fun adventures for us in 2013.  =)

As far a "business" (I hate calling it that... makes it sound so official. lol), I have done better than I ever expected that I would.  I actually made a PROFIT this year!  (Only $20, but I'm just excited that I managed to pay off my camera with the income.  That was my biggest investment this year).  I had about 18 jobs this year... family, seniors, maternity, baby/kid, boudoir... the whole gambit.  It was awesome! 

I am so looking forward to what this coming year will bring!  So far on the horizon is a family vacation to Disneyland in March (will be a first for both Emily and me!) and Emily's first birthday in April.  I can't wait to start the party planning.  ;)

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