Saturday, March 23, 2013

11 Months!

Weight/Length- I forgot to weigh you today, and don't know that I'll get a chance tomorrow as we are leaving town bright and early... chances are that I won't actually remember to, but I'll TRY to update by the end of the week! lol

Eating- Still eating 2-3 meals a day of solids, with several snacks in between (at least when you're home with us... not sure if snacks are happening at day care, but you seem to be eating most of the stuff that I pack for you in the morning, so it's going well!)

Teeth- Six teeth fully in, 2 more are popping through!  That makes SIX teeth on top... and only TWO on the bottom!!  lol  You're bite marks look pretty goofy.  =)

Sleep-Since the daylight savings jump you've been staying up an hour later, going to bed now at about 8 (except tonight, you were super tired/cranky, so you went to bed at 7:00).  For the most part you are sleeping through the night, but I'd say that about 50% of the time you are still waking up between 4-6 to have a bottle and then back to bed until 7/7:30ish.

 Clothes-I unpacked your 12 month box of clothes this week... I remember when they looked so BIG!  You are still able to fit into most of your 9 month stuff, but I'll be transitioning those out pretty soon.  Especially the footie pajamas... you're getting too tall for them!

Personality- Ditto on last month... but you're starting to get pretty brave now with checking out your surroundings... and you're also starting to get the temper tantrum thing down pretty good when I won't let you explore something that you REALLY NEED TO SEE. lol

  • You like walking around and exploring new things/places.  You even think that you can run... until your momentum gets the best of you!
  • You like playing with your ball... you get REALLY excited when you hit it and make it bounce out of your dad's hands.
  • We introduced you to goldfish crackers this last week... you LOVE them!  They have put your Cheerios to shame!  ;)
  • You seem to like your stroller again.  For awhile you weren't a fan.  Today you actually fell asleep in it, for the first time in months!
  • You like pushing shopping carts around the grocery store.... even if they aren't ours! lol
  • You like climbing on to things (I have a hard time tearing you away from staircases)... and you get really excited when you're up on the couch!
  •  You don't like getting new teeth... especially two at a time!  You were NOT a happy camper last weekend!
  • Your dad and I can't think of any other "dislikes" this month either.... you're just a happy kid. =)

  •  You celebrated your first St. Patrick's Day and heard an Irish band!
  •  You have learned how to climb off of the couch safely (on your tummy, feet first).  You don't do it all the time... but you know how!

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jes [a mountain bride] said...

she is soooo beautiful!! what a great big smile she has!

you know - she looks like you