Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Grocery Shopping!

Decided to do a little grocery shopping tonight after work.  We usually reserve this for the weekend, but we didn't make it there last weekend and are running out of food.  Tonight, Emily had WAY too much pent up energy to be held/carried while we shopped, so we decided to let her "help"  ;)

As Jacob noted in his comment below, she really did push that cart... for several aisles!  A lot of people did little double takes with a smile with a seemingly un-manned cart went by them.  ;)


A Li N said...

Unfortunately, that first one is not a video...if it were, you would see her actually pushing the cart quite well and for quite a long time!

Lauren said...

I like how you just have that half gallon of milk. I have to buy 4-5 gallons at a time now, twice a month.