Wednesday, June 5, 2013

13 Months

About two weeks late.... better late than never, right?  =)  Trying to think back to what you knew/could do 2 weeks ago... it's amazing how much I feel like you've changed in the just the last two weeks!

Weight/Length- Completely forgot to weight you and now, two weeks later, I feel like it would be a waste if I just plan to do it again in two weeks.  =)  I don't know, though, that you are slightly taller than your cousin Sophie was at your age (we compared on the wall at the beach house over Memorial Day weekend).

Eating-No more formula, no more bottles!  We got rid of those within the first couple weeks after your birthday.  It didn't seem to be an issue for you.  It took you about a week to really drink much out of the sippy cup (I think you were waiting for us to give you a bottle), but you eventually gave in.  Now you're eating table food and drinking milk out of your cup like a pro.  =)

Teeth- At your 13th month you had 10 teeth.  Six on top and four on the bottom.

Sleep-Pretty much sleeping through the night now.  To bad at about 8:00, and up for the day around 7:00.  My body has not gotten used to early wake ups, so I don't much mind getting up early on a weekend anymore.

 Clothes- Wearing 12 month stuff now, with the occasional 18-month PJ in there (we don't have many in the 12 month size, so you're swimming a big, but you look cozy).

Personality- I don't know that I have much more to add that I haven't already said.  You are a happy little girl, and very curious/observant.  If you're cranky, I know that I can just take you out in the backyard and you'll suddenly be more interested in digging in the dirt and trying to push wheelbarrows around that you'll forget why you were fussy in the first place! lol

  • You like dogs.  You love to run up to the them and then just LOOK at them. lol  It takes a bit to convince you to pet them, but you're perfectly satisfied standing 2 feet away and observing them.  =)
  • You LOVE being outside... doesn't matter what we're doing, if it's 'outside, it's ok by you!
  • Carbs... you love carbs.  You are your mother's daughter.
  •  You don't like ot getting your way.  Yes, we are starting to experience tantrums... when you start the crocodile tears and plop yourself on the floor/go limp.  I need to start learning how to ignore these now, as I suspect they will just keep getting worse for awhile.
  • You went camping for the first time, and saw your first deer and squirrel (up close).  You discovered your love for pine cones. lol
  • You were to the Tulip Festival in Woodburn for the first time... it was mommy's first time, too!
  • You were to your first "friends" birthday parties... TWO of them!
Vocabulary-  (new category, as I figure this one will be getting the most attention over the next year!) 

Words you understand:
  • "Mom"
  • "Dad"
  • "Kitty"
  • "Sit Down"
  • "Kisses"
  • "Hugs" 
  • "Bye Bye"
  • And probably more that I haven't figured out yet. lol
 Words you can say:
  • "Dad" (Sometimes "Da", sometimes "Dad", sometimes "Dada"... but I'm pretty sure that you're talking to him now, so I'm counting it).
  • "Kitty" (sounds more like "key")
  • "Bye" (you've said it a couple of times, but not regularly).

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