Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Memorial Day

Alright... almost caught up with my posts! lol  Sorry to blast everyone with so many all at once!

For Memorial Day we packed up at went to Jacob's family's beach house at the coast for the weekend.  Every year the little community that their house is in has a pig roast/potluck event.  We haven't gone for a couple of years, so this was Emily debut... and her first trip to the ocean where she actually could understand what was going on. lol

The weather was great on Saturday for the main event, and for some beach play.  You'll notice by the pictures below, but, out on the beach, we just continued to take off more and more of Em's clothing, as she just kept getting wetter and wetter in the water. lol.  She was VERY excited!

Sunday was a bit cooler and windy.  We had some family photos taken (should be getting those back in a week or so!), and Emily wasn't too happy to be out there.  I think she had her fill the day before... she was just cold and wind blasted during the photos. lol.  And on Monday, it poured. Typical Oregon weather.  But, at least we had Saturday!  =)

Photo overload below!  She's just too stinkin' cute!  =)

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