Wednesday, August 28, 2013

So What?

Linking up with Shannon for So What Wednesday!

So What Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO What if:

- I didn't post anything last week, which would have only been my second week in, I drove to work and, therefore, didn't get my "bus/me time".

- I'm ready for fall... only because I'm getting tired of my summer clothes and want to change things up a bit.

- On that note, I have been feeling an online shopping spree coming on. I "need" some new boots, work pants, and solid tees.  I may or may not wait for birthday money next month... ;)

- Last week we bought Emily a training potty. Not planning to start training yet, but I had a coupon and wanted to her one so she could start seeing it/getting comfortable with it.

- I insisted on getting a "new" training potty rather than picking one up at my fave consignment store. The thought of a used toilet just grosses me out.

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Shannon said...

I wouldn't want to buy a used toilet either, that just grosses me out, somethings really do need to be bought new.