Monday, May 14, 2012

3 Weeks Down!

Today marks three weeks from the day that Emily finally greeted us.  In those three weeks I have a learned a lot about biology... both her's, as well as mine.

  1. Babies apparently start out with teenage hormones.
    • Baby girls experience a small "period" shortly after birth.  We were told this several times before we left the hospital, but were still freaked out a couple of days later when it actually occurred... there was more blood than we anticipated.  We called the pediatrician and were told not the fret, that all was normal.
    • Babies get acne.  I knew this, but still I feel bad for Emily right now.  She's got a sort of "pizza face" sort of situation going on right now.  I told Jacob that I felt bad for her... his response, "Why?  She's not as vain as the rest of us right now... give her 12 or 13 years".
  2. Not all babies "coo"... some grunt.
    • Emily has something known as "Grunting Baby Syndrome".  Apparently this is a real thing... she makes a LOT of noise, a LOT of the time, as though she is constipated.  Apparently this is just her reaction to her inability to figure out how to control her own bowel movements.  She grunts, holds her breath, gets red in the face, and "pushes"... over and over and over again.  Again, the doc says that this is normal and that she's grow out of it.  Granted, it has provided Jacob and I a fair amount of humorous entertainment (she makes some FUNNY noises), but I still feel bad for her.  Our doctor told us that we could "help" by holding her legs up to her torso.  This does "help"--and Jacob gets all kinds of guy-like entertainment out of making her fart over and over and over again.  
  3. Little girls can make "fountains" as well.
    • 'nough said.
  4. Breast milk can come out in spurts... not drips.
    • The first time I "leaked" I actually saw it come out... I was more than a little shocked at the power behind my lactation. lol
    • Doing a little Googling, I found this information about Forceful Let-Down... I am self-diagnosing myself with this.  Which is interesting as my mother had the opposite problem with me.
  5. Speaking of breast milk, some people leak, some people don't and some people (read: this person) can't figure out which category they fall into.  
    • I have had a wet-situation maybe half a dozen times... in three weeks.  I do not see this as worth wearing disposable protection every day (as I'm less likely to need them then not), but I also don't want to get stuck in an embarrassing situation. 
  6.  Feet swell... AFTER delivery!
    • I had a little bit of a swollen foot problem when I was pregnant, but I didn't know how bad it would get after I had actually delivered!  One of the OBs that checked in on me while I was recovering told me "It's going to get worse before it gets better".  And he was right!  I had a hard time walking for about a week since I couldn't really bend at the ankle.  It was HORRIBLE!
I'm sure that I could come up with some more weird biological stuff, but, for now, this will conclude my list (my little one is grunting again and I need to go "help" her with some comical "tooting").

What other weird stuff can all of you other mother's add?

P.S.  Here is the obligatory 3 week growth photo. =)


Lauren said...

David had great fun with the leg tooting move too, especially in church. Guys...

SG to SP said...

ALso, if it hasn't already prepare for your hair to fall out. It took me about 4 months but in the past few weeks it's been falling out everytime I shower, brush it, run my fingers through it. Very annoying. So much for my thick, pretty pregnancy hair.