Wednesday, July 24, 2013

15 Months!

Weight/Length- No idea. lol

Eating- You love food (you take after your mom in this regard!), and you starting to get better with a fork.  You are SOO proud of yourself when you can get something on your fork and into your mouth all by yourself.  But, I have to admit, I have caught you picking up food with your fingers and then putting it on your fork to finish the process.  =)

Teeth-Still 14.  We thought that one was working it's way through last month, but still no sign.  Hmm.

Sleep- Bed around 8:00 pm.  On the weekdays you have to get up about at about 7:15 to get to daycare, but on the weekends you've been sleeping in until 7:30 or later (sometimes 8:30... it's magical. lol)

 Clothes-Some 12, more 18 month now... though you are too slender for 18 month shorts... they look kinda goofy on you... but, we're making it work.  

Personality- Still very independent... and you're a climber.  You want to be up high, seeing what everyone else is seeing.  It's getting to the point that we turn our heads for a second and you're up on a chair or in the wheelbarrow or something. lol  I need to get you some kind of step stool so that you can watch what I'm doing when I'm making dinner.  You get super frustrated when you're down on the floor, but I can only do so much one-handed!

  • You're definitely a water baby.  You love playing in the water when I'm watering my garden, and you've started to like your kiddie pool a bit better, too.  And the water play area at OMSI?  Don't even get me started! lol
  •  You love other kids.  You follow them around and try to make friends with everyone, it's adorable!
  • You also love dogs... but just to look at them.  You'll walk up within 6 inches of them, but you don't want to touch, just look and bounce up and down.
  • You LOVE kicking balls.  Doesn't even have to be your own. lol
  •  You don't like feeling like you're being left out (i.e. you can't see what we're doing in the kitchen, garden, etc.)
  • You don't like riding in the car.  You're not (always) vocal about it, but you put on your troll-face and it's obvious that you're not a happy camper.
  • You can jump!  And you catch some pretty good air!
  • You can climb into dining room chairs all by yourself now.  Meaning that you can help yourself to the piano whenever you want. lol
  • I think that you went to your first parade (I don't remember if you've been to one already).  We went to the Fourth of July celebration at the local community center.
  • You can reach the doorknobs... uh oh!
Words you understand:
    I've decided to eliminate this category.... the list is going to get too long! lol
 Words you can say:
  • "Dad" (Sometimes "Da", sometimes "Dad", sometimes "Dada"... but I'm pretty sure that you're talking to him now, so I'm counting it).
  • "Kitty" (sounds more like "key")
  • "Bye" (you've said it a couple of times, but not regularly).
  • "Shoe" (Sounds like a high pitched "shoooo")
  • "Mama" (others have report that she says this... I've yet to hear it.  Go figure).
  • "Two" (we say one, you say "two!")
  • "Hi"  (gotten this one a couple of times)
  • "Ball" (at least, we think that's what you're saying! lol) 
  • While you aren't saying "yes" or "no" yet, you are making your opinion known with affirmative sounds and/or head nods.

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Shannon said...

Aww what a big girl! Isn't this age fun? I love that they are talking now, like real humans! haha