Friday, September 27, 2013

17 Months!

(Four days late.... oops!)

Weight/Length- Not sure... will probably wait until your Dr. appointment next month.

Eating- You would live off of goldfish crackers if you could. lol  You are getting a bit picky with food and how you eat it.  For example, you'll throw a little fit if you don't have a fork in your hand (even though you still eat most of your food with your hands).  And sometimes you won't eat dinner when you're sitting in your booster seat... but you will if you're kneeling in the chair next to me instead.  Dinner time is getting interesting.

Teeth-15!  One lower canine FINALLY broke through!  Waiting for the next one now.

Sleep-Sleeping about 8pm-8am.  Taking 1-3 naps a day. lol.  You've been ditching your morning nap on the weekends but still seem to be taking 2 (short ones) at day care.  Every now and then you'll take a little cat nap in the evening before dinner.

 Clothes-You're wearing 18-24 month sizes now.  I had to make a late night run to the consignment store the other night to get you some more long pants.  All we had in your size were shorts/capris and it's getting too cold out for those.

Personality- You're a pretty awesome, independent, loving, adventurous little girl.  You're showing physical expressions of love a lot more now.  Giving us unsolicited hugs and kisses, holding our hands when we're walking, cuddling on the couch... LOVE IT!

  • You like playing "dress up" with mom and dad's clothes and shoes... but don't like when you get stuck in them. lol
  • You LOVE watermelon!  You got SUPER excited the other night when you saw we were having some with our dinner.
  • "Talking" on the phone.  =)  Super cute when you hold a cell phone up to your ear and look like you're trying to have a conversation.
  • You love strawberries and will run to our strawberry plant to see if there are any ripe ones ready for you.
  • You like "brushing" your hair.  I'm getting a bit worried about the hair thing... it's curly... I don't know what to do with curly.  I may need to read up on that soon. lol
  •  Your dad and I are having a really hard time coming up with dislikes this month!
  • For the most part, you can put your own shoes and socks on now!
  • You're getting a lot better at using a spoon.  You were able to eat peas the other day without spilling them in your lap.  =)
  • You are understanding SO MUCH now!  You nod your head for "yes" and you seem to understand most things that we ask you.
  • You understanding that you are meant to sit on a potty.  You "went" in the potty once... but it was kind of a fluke.  =)
 Words you can say:
  • "Dad" (Sometimes "Da", sometimes "Dad", sometimes "Dada"... but I'm pretty sure that you're talking to him now, so I'm counting it).
  • "Kitty" (sounds more like "key")
  • "Bye" (you've said it a couple of times, but not regularly).
  • "Shoe" (Sounds like a high pitched "shoooo")
  • "Mama" (others have report that she says this... I've yet to hear it.  Go figure).
  • "Two" (we say one, you say "two!")
  • "Hi"  (gotten this one a couple of times)
  • "Ball" (at least, we think that's what you're saying! lol) 
  • While you aren't saying "yes" or "no" yet, you are making your opinion known with affirmative sounds and/or head nods.
  • "Thank You"  (sometimes)
  • Grandma says that you can say "bird" and "book"  =) 
  • "Yeah"
  • You're starting to get the "p" sound down and we're working on "help" and "up"
  • I have FINALLY heard "Mama"!  =)
  • You make the "L" sound when you try to say "Llama" (we read the Llama Llama books at bedtime a LOT. lol)
  • "Eye" 
  • "Nose" (sounds like "oh")
  • "Nana"
  • "Papa"
  • "Food" (sounds like "foo")
  • You are saying "Foof" when you see a dog... lol  Maybe intended for "woof"?

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