Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So What?

Linking up with Shannon for So What Wednesday!

So What Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO What if:

- One of my first thoughts when seeing that our neighborhood park had been tagged was, "well,  at least they had nice handwriting" (I work with teenagers... good penmanship is something to celebrate)

- I didn't pull out my camera to document our Labor Day weekend... I was enjoying experiencing it too much.

- I can't stop thinking about buying a house/moving to the beach. Jacob made a comment about it this weekend and now I can't get it out of my mind. We have lived in our house for almost 3 years now. That's longer than anywhere I've lived since moving out at 18. I'm getting restless. :)

- Today is the first day of school for Portland's public schools and I'm annoyed as now my morning bus ride is crowded with obnoxious teenagers and stops every two blocks to pick up more.  What happened to school buses?

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