Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Darndest Things

Emily's vocabulary has been skyrocketing these last few months.  It's really been funny/entertaining to hear the things that come out of her mouth.  I also know that she's starting to repeat things that we say... without really understanding the social context (i.e. that she can sound kind of rude. lol).  Some of my favorites words/phrases that she's using so far:

"Friends":  I'm sooo excited that she's learning this one... and that she has so many friends to talk about.  =)

"Just a minute":  This is obviously something that she's repeating from adults in her life, and it can be frustrating to no end if we're in a hurry, but it's still pretty cute.

"No Thank You":  Generally it is great to hear her being so polite, however when it's in response to a request such as "Come help me clean up your room" it can get a little irritating.  ;)

"I'm fine":  Often in response to trying to get her to eat more dinner or try to use the potty.

"Wake up daddy":  She says this to get Jacob out of bed... but also in the car (when he's not driving).  We think he has a reputation.   ;)

"Ex-scuse me":  After she passes gas... which is often.  She takes after her dad.  And then she says, "That's me!"

"My [fill in the blank]":  Usually reserved for people such as "my mom", "my dad", "my [friend's name]".  It puts a smile on me face when I pick her up from daycare and hear her say "My mommy!" with a giant smile on her face.

It really is so great that she's able to communicate with us better now.  She can tell us when she wants/needs something ("mommy, I need chocolate chips"), and when she doesn't want something.  She can tell us when she has an owie, and she can have mini conversations with us about things that happen at day care.  (She bit a kid the other day, and we were able to talk about it several hours later with her understanding that her actions were wrong).  She also "sings" to us in the car sometimes.  =)  I'm loving this stage.  Each new stage gets more and more interesting.  =)

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