Sunday, September 28, 2014

36 Weeks!

Size of baby: According to BabyCenter, you’re about the size of a head of romaine lettuce!

Total Weight Gain/Loss:Remember how I wasn't worrying about my weight and didn't even know how much I'd gained?  Well that's shot to hell now.  =P  At my last doctor's appointment I scheduled out the rest of my appointments (since I'm at a once-a-week visit schedule now).  Since I did this, the receptionist printed out my appointment review sheet (or whatever it's called) as it would show all of my upcoming appointments on one sheet... and, apparently, also show all of my vitals... including my weight.  =P  Well, I am NOT happy about  my weight gain currently.  I have gained more at this point in time than I gained the entire time I was pregnant with Emily.  I"m actually wondering if loosing so much weight right before I got pregnant was actually detrimental... if maybe my body was more than willing to gain it back quickly.  Or, maybe (hopefully) a bunch of it is water weight... I'm having a lot of swelling issues... so maybe that's it.  Ugh.

Maternity Clothes: Yuppers

Gender: It's a BOY!

Movement: As I type this, baby boy has the hiccups.  =)  He's doing a LOT of stretching, too.

What I miss: Sleeping comfortably.  It has certainly been difficult recently.  As has been walking any real distance... including to the bathroom at my office.  =(

Sleep:  See above.  It pretty much sucks.  Having so much pain in my pubic bone area that I can't really lie on my left side at all... and sometimes the right causes problems too.  Last week I slept propped up on the couch for most of the week... and slept better there than I've gotten in my own bed in quite awhile.

Symptoms:REALLY swollen feet and ankles (extending up the calves).  It's actually kind of nice to have an ailment that Jacob can see... I often worry that people think that I'm just being a big baby.  Also a LOT of pain/discomfort in the pubic/pelvic/tailbone region.  I am REALLY ready to be done with that.  Also, this isn't a new symptom, but one that I don't think I've mentioned before... my right eyebrow sweats a lot.  Not really sure what's up with that.  The left one is fine, but, for some reason the right one has issues.  =)

Cravings: Same... hamburgers... yum

Best Moment this week: I think the "nesting" thing is solidly in place.  I'm starting to get stuff organized/put away/cleaned up and am getting my house back from the piles that have been sitting around for months.

What I am looking forward to:This whole thing being over.  ;)  I am NOT a fan of pregnancy, and all of the ailments are just making me grumpy.

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