Saturday, September 13, 2014

34 Weeks!

Size of baby: According to BabyCenter, you’re about the size of a cantaloupe!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I've made a conscious decision this time around not to keep track of my weight.  As long as my doctor doesn't mention any concerns, I'm not going to be concerned either.  I'll deal with losing what's left after the little guy gets here.  But it's not worth stressing about it now.

Maternity Clothes: Yup... definitely in those at this point.  =)  Bought a few more tops today as I'm getting sick of my current selection.

Gender: It's a BOY!

Movement: Not only do a feel it, but I see it, too... as do other people!  =)

What I miss: Being able to eat whatever I want to try at sushi restaurants. lol  I've also been missing hard ciders... which is weird because it's never really been something that I've craved.  But seeing everyone else with a nice cold beer on a hot day is kind of making me want something, too.  I'm also missing the cooler temperatures!

Sleep:  For the most part, sleep has gotten better... but I'm still getting up at least once (usually more) throughout the night to use the bathroom.

Symptoms: Swollen feet/ankles.  Kind of difficult to walk some afternoons as I can barely bend at the ankle.  Still having the pelvic pain/discomfort, and I'm exhausted.  Yesterday I stayed home from work due to nausea and dizziness as well... I'm hoping those two pass.

Cravings: I think that the theme of this pregnancy is "Give me a hamburger". lol

Best Moment this week: The nursery looks like a nursery!  We also got some "last minute" items from our baby registry with our discount so that we now have what we need (and also a few of the things that I wanted).  In terms of supplies and space, I think we are now officially ready to go.

What I am looking forward to: Getting out of town for the weekend with Jacob this weekend to see a concert.  Not sure how I'm going to fare sitting on the grass, but I'm looking forward to a mini baby-moon.  =)  Also have another "baby shower" next weekend.  Looking forward to one more celebration!

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