Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm Married

Sometimes I don't remember that I'm married.

Just the other day I was talking to someone who has never met Jacob before, and I was *this* close to calling him "my boyfriend"... which is several steps back!  I caught myself, but it still kind of took me by surprise.

I have gotten used to writing and (almost) saying my new name*, but for some reason I still have a hard time accepting the reality of it.  Even after more than 7 months!  I think, maybe, it's because nothing really has changed... we just got really fancy dressed up one day and had a big party and then life went back to normal.  One of my clients asked me the other day "how is married life?"  All I could really say was "eh... not much different".

Did anyone else have similar experiences?  Or am I just weird? =)

*What's weird is that one of my younger brothers is engaged to a girl named "Brittany"... which means that (though it's spelled differently) the world will gain back a Brittany Boyer just over a year after it lost one...

Weird times two... one of my OTHER brothers is also dating a girl named "Brittney"... super odd... and really strange when we're all together.


Chocolate Lover said...

Thats funny about all the Brittany's! I still haven't transitioned to the hubby/wife calling thing either. Been plenty of times when I get it wrong!

Jillreigh said...

I'm used to saying husband, but I'm definitely not used to my new last name. I have to pause every time I sign my name or I'll write my married name.

And just last night a friend of ours who is getting married in October asked us what the best part of marriage is. Jimmy and I had no idea how to respond because nothing's really changed since dating/being engaged.

Jillreigh said...

I meant maiden name. Not married name. oops

Meghan C said...

Yes - I had the same experience to begin with! I remember telling people that married life felt the same as unmarried life. You'll get used to it over time (and then you'll have to constantly remind yourself that you're a mother)!