Sunday, March 20, 2011

Where I Spend the Least of My Time

I am NOT a "housewife".  I don't enjoy cleaning, cooking, etc.  If I had to stay home all day, I think I would go absolutely crazy.  That being said, I don't spend much time in the kitchen... however, we have a gorgeous one, and I thought I'd share it. =)

Our kitchen is part of our "great room"... one ginormous open space that includes the kitchen, dining area, and a "sitting room" type of space around our fire place.  I love the openness to it.  I really enjoy hosting dinner parties, etc., and I think this space will allow me to do so quite effectively.

I can say that I own an apron! lol  Thanks to my bridal shower. =)
View from the "sitting room"
Fabulous deep drawers... means I can tuck away the few baking supplies that I DO have. =)

One of my favorite things about our kitchen is our fridge.  We purchased it from City Discount Appliance in Portland.  I do NOT recommend them.  Their customer service was horrible once we finally brought the fridge home and started to have problems with it (it froze EVERYTHING... and since it a digital display that only ranges between certain temperatures, we were unable to manually fix the problem).  They didn't return our calls, put off coming out to look at it, ordered parts before they could figure out the problem (I guess just crossing their fingers that it would work)... just generally sucked.  So, don't do it... no matter how good the prices.

Jacob finally took matters into his own hands and managed to fix the problem with... duct tape! =)  We had to cover several of the air vents that were coming from the freezer in order to regulate the temperature in the fridge, but, ultimately it works and now our milk is liquid again. =)  And I'm back to loving it.

Food for two people doesn't even make a dent in this beast!
Lots of freezer space, too.  Love it!

I ordered a new coffee table and end table for our sitting room the other day, they should be here soon and then I can do the big reveal on that room!  We are also working on painting the guest bath this weekend... I'm excited to show off that one, too!

So far I'm loving this home owner thing! I LOVE color and am enjoying the ability to paint walls whatever and whenever I want! =)

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