Saturday, March 12, 2011

One Room Done!

Two months in to buying/moving in to our new home, Jacob and I are finally done unpacking, organizing, and decorating ONE ROOM. lol  It has been quite the process, especially since the house is bigger than any space we've lived in before, meaning we don't have enough "stuff" to fill the space (a blessing and a curse).

It occurs to me at this point that I don't think I've shared any photos with you of the house.  I think I'm going to try to do it room by room and things get done/accomplished, however, here are a few shots of the exterior of the house (it's pretty much "done").

We have plans to put in a garden and a fire pit, extend the back fence, and, some day, put in a hot tub.  But, for now the yard is exactly what we want/need it to be.

The house was more than move in ready when we purchased it.  It was a flipped property, so the interior was gorgeous and we didn't need to do any work to make it livable... which is exactly what I wanted.  I've always wanted to be able to paint and decorate, but I didn't want to HAVE to do it.

The house is three bedrooms, two baths with a "great room" (kitchen, dining and sitting room in one big open space), a laundry room, and a tv/family room.  We did bits and pieces here and there, but the first room that I can say that we have "finished" (at least for now of course) is the family room.

The whole house looks like this.  White trim, taupe walls, and the wood floor... an awesome blank slate. =)  Unfortunately, since we didn't have much in the way of time between getting the keys and moving out of our apartment, we had to move everything in before doing any prep work (i.e. painting).

Furniture in... kinda blah
Jacob and I had a paint color in mind for a "reverse-accent-wall"... we were going to paint three walls of the room, and leave one the taupe color that it already is.  A couple weekends after we moved in, we headed to Home Depot, got our supplies, and decided to get moving!

Jacob prepping the paint
I LOVE color... but I was still a bit nervous with this first stroke! =)

We finished painting one wall... and as I started to paint the second I started to wonder if the rich color that we chose was going to be TOO much for three walls of the room.  I mentioned it to Jacob, we looked around a bit, and decided to finish with the two walls, and then "live with it" for awhile and see what we thought.

Painting done!

We were really happy with the way the paint turned out.  I LOVED the color and it goes really well with the taupe that was already there.  Now we just had to decorate.

After some searching around, I was able to find an awesome deal on a PERFECT area rug at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  My grandma was kind enough to make us some curtains for the room (and the three bedrooms, too!).  Finally, I pulled out all of our framed photos and updated the photos inside (many of the old ones were "mine" or "Jacobs" and not really "ours"... so I changed that).  The photo project took me the good part of a weekend with all the choosing (we have a LOT of photos to choose from!), the printing, the framing and the arranging.  But now the rug is down, the photos are up, and I'm ready to pull back the curtain on our first "finished" room!

Entry way from the front door... see the red wall?? =)
One thing I love about the house... TONS of windows!
First photo wall (the one you see in the mirror reflection in the first photo above)
Ta da!
So many awesome memories!
The "Wedding Wall"
So, there you go... room number one. =)  The others are coming along... we are slowly acquiring furniture to fill the other spaces, and hanging photos/art/etc.  I hope to start painting room number 2 (the guest bathroom) next weekend or so. 

I've never been a "home improvement" type of person... but I am definitely a nest-er! =)

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bex said...

That looks great! Good job pulling the colors together to make such a cozy living room!