Sunday, March 27, 2011

Question For the Mothers

Since I've moved to a different part of town (and didn't really care for my last doctor) I'm going to be getting myself a new, more accessible primary care physician.  There is a Providence clinic pretty near by, and I've pulled up their website and looked at the different bios for a few different female doctors who also specialize in obstetrics (since I know I'll be needing it relatively soon).  I am down to two potentials.  My question for you is, as I soon would like to start planning a family, and will have (I'm sure) a LOT of questions, how important is it that my doctor be a mother herself?

Of the two candidates that I'm considering, one is a mother and one (it appears) is not.  As a new mom, would it be beneficial for me to have a doctor who has been through it before and can add some personal-experience guidance to the process?

Thoughts please. =)


Meghan C said...

I don't know if it really made a difference in my medical care but it was reassuring knowing that the doctors at my office were mothers. They were able to recommend the pediatricians that they use and could relate to my symptoms.

Something to keep in mind when choosing a practice is if there are multiple doctors in the office and how they handle labor and delivery. Also, what hospital do they deliver at and what are the features of that hospital. I chose my medical group based on hospital - I researched the hospitals, determined which one was "best" for delivery and then searched for a group that would deliver there.

Holly said...

I would edge towards the one that is a mother herself, given the two choices you explained.

I'm with Meghan on my experience thus far in my pregnancy. I'm going with a group of midwives who have their own office, but do all of their deliveries at the nearby hospital, which is the place I considered delivering anyway. Though they don't have pediatric care, they were able to recommend various pediatricians in the area and then I've been asking friends for more specific recommendations. I've been happy with the ladies I've seen thus far and their care overall.

Lauren said...

I concur with the other two comments.