Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I got up today at 7 AM.  Twenty years ago I would have been up this early to search the house for Easter eggs and a basket full of chocolate-y goodness--today I am up this early to make sure that the ham gets into the oven with another time to heat up and that the potatoes make it into the crock pot.  Oh how exciting life has gotten! lol

Jacob and I are hosting Easter dinner this year for our families.  We are excited to 1) be able to show off our new house and how great it's been coming along, and 2) have a house with enough space that we can host large family gatherings like this (we are expecting about 22 people total today). 

I LOVE to host dinner parties.  I am, by no means a cook, but I make myself do it in order to participate in the social aspect of the whole thing.  So, yesterday was spent preparing apple pie, cupcakes, deviled eggs and the glaze for the ham.  Today I'm cooking ham and red potatoes, and prepping veggies and fruit.  I just hope everything turns out OK!

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